Handling Life’s Challenges As Spiritual Beings

Handling Life's Challenges As Spiritual Beings By Heather Lang #WUVIP #Life #Challenges #Adversity #Spirituality #SpiritualBeings #Strength #courage #Fight #Determination #BreastCancer #BreastCancerAwareness

“Spirituality is recognizing and believing we are spiritual beings who have manifested as humans for a purpose.”

Any dis-ease or imbalance, such as breast cancer, in our bodies, can be a life challenge we can then use for growth & transformation. We may not understand why we are dealing with this situation as a human being, yet when we turn our attention inward and focus on the experience as a spiritual being, we may begin to understand the reason. And this reason has the potential to be a profound awakening for us.

I have had my own challenges in my journey, but I haven’t had breast cancer. However, my Nana (paternal grandmother) battled it back in the 80’s. And, my sister, who is two years younger than me, battled it last year. So, this dis-ease has affected me. I pray for more wellness for all beings and Mother Earth to eradicate any outside influences, such as, chemicals used in our food supply, yet it is up to each of us who are affected to determine what the soul lesson is for us, the inside influence.

Inside influences can be anything from needing to change our diet or environment. It can be we need to heal ourselves mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually for physical healing. With breast cancer, we can look at the heart chakra, which is within the breast of the body for clues for our lessons. Our chakras are our energy centers and since our soul is pure energy, imbalances in our energy can manifest as a physical, mental or emotional ailment. Perhaps, we do not love or nurture ourselves enough or weren’t loved or nurtured enough as a child. Maybe we need to be more vulnerable, showing our emotions, allowing them to flow so we can feel and deal with them to heal. It could be we are holding onto anger from past relationships and haven’t fully opened up to love. Perhaps we have had several lives where we didn’t address our issues, and it manifested physically in this one to gain our immediate attention and focus. Recognizing and learning lessons from challenging situations, dis-ease and imbalance can help us to handle the situation with more peace and grace to reconnect us to our innate soul wisdom, love & light.

My sister used free services from a local community, which supports those who battle all types of cancer and their families.  She found yoga & Reiki very helpful, as well as, being with others who were also battling. She told me she learned a lot about herself through this process. I, too, learned a lot about myself, as being energetically connected to my sister through biology/family, it affected me deeply too. Yoga, Reiki, meditation and other alternative methods can help us become more spiritual and to understand our purpose and strengthen our resolve, courage & spirit. Yoga can bring balance, calmness, and peace.  Reiki Energy can boost and strengthen the immune systems while helping to uncover underlying hidden issues which when worked on to release can help in healing. Attending support groups is another wonderful way to gain insight. I participated in a group in the past in another area of my life and found other’s stories and discoveries inspirational and helpful in mine.

Being more spiritual about our circumstances brings a different awareness and perspective to our situations. Spirituality is recognizing and believing we are spiritual beings who have manifested as humans for a purpose, which includes challenges for life lessons for our soul’s growth. It is recognizing and accepting we chose to be born into the family, circumstance and place at a certain time, with challenges to overcome to cultivate strength, wisdom & transformation. Being more spiritual about our lives can bring a profound awakening, bringing more awareness of ourselves, and soul mission. It is going deep within to uncover and reveal our deepest fears to work through and release to help us heal in some area. Being more spiritual allows us to deeply comprehend our purpose of awakening, transforming and evolving our souls. This brings us more balance, wisdom & peace to deal with all challenges life brings us for further lessons, healing and growth.

From my experience with my sister’s battle, I learned to be more loving, generous, compassionate & understanding with ourselves and others. I wasn’t old enough to fully comprehend my Nana’s battle, yet, looking back, I can see she became an even stronger woman. When she discovered later in life she had ovarian cancer which metastasized into lung and brain cancer, she was scared but also knew her time here was no longer required, which brought a peace & calmness to her. She knew she was going somewhere she could be even more helpful as this beautiful soul helped everyone, at any time, no questions asked.  Her soul shined with pure love & light on all with incredibly strong spirituality teaching me quite a bit about being spiritual.



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