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Our EMOTIONS are powerful; they are OUR MAIN GUIDANCE SYSTEM. Everything we do guides us back to those emotions of happiness, love, and freedom.


We remember more how we feel in a situation than we do the thoughts we think. So our emotions have a lasting impact on our experience of life. Finding our way back to happiness is what life is all about. Our emotions are also our primary guidance system. Imagine them as satellite navigation in your car; they are your best friend guiding you every day. It’s just that often we forget to pay attention and we take the wrong turn.

Happiness is such an elusive concept. We all have different things that make us happy, sometimes it’s the small things like the smell of your favourite food or sunshine on your face.

Sometimes we experience the joy of achievement or a celebration of success.

Everything we do in life is because we want to get BACK to that range of emotions we get addicted to, positive emotions such as happiness, love, and joy.

Physiologically, our emotional experience is created by our heart, brain, hormones, and nervous system.

When we’re unhappy, stressed, or overwhelmed, we release adrenaline and cortisol, the STRESS hormones.

The emotion of happiness is a mix of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin, the HAPPY hormones.

These are all powerful chemical signals sent throughout the body.


Every cell responds to chemical messages by opening up or closing themselves down, directly affecting your physical health. Our cells can become addicted to these chemicals, the more they have, the more they crave them be it sadness and fear or happiness and love! We are all emotionally addicted. I choose happiness, what do you choose?


The electromagnetic energy of our heart is 5,000x more powerful than our mind. Hundreds of studies show the power of our energy field and how your emotions affect your coherence and energy or flow state.


Everything in your life is energy in one of these three states.

● Reversal – the energy is dragging us backwards

● Resistance – we experience push-pull energy and little progress

● Receptive – we propel ourselves forwards and energy flows with ease.

© Energy Alignment Method

The flow state is your heart energy, so finding your happiness directly influences you, your health, and your loved ones too.


At the bottom of the emotional scale is fear, the lowest vibrational emotion. Fear is debilitating, it can stop us in our tracks. At the highest point is the feeling of love. All other emotions, including happiness, vibrate between the two.

© Energy Alignment Method

If you’ve been stressed out, overwhelmed, and stuck the use of meditation, healing, journaling, or relaxation, can move your energy state from fear (reversed or resistant) to happiness, peace, or freedom.

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Each emotion holds its energetic vibration that is sent out from your energy field. As you shift your energy and emotions, your vibration changes, your heart sends out new messages, your attraction level shifts. You become a powerful magnet for more happiness and positive experiences. It is that simple.


We create patterns of resistance to experiencing love or happiness. It could be trauma, stress, or challenging events. Or as simple as being told to sit down and be quiet when you are happy or having fun. It is tempting to work with the negative emotions at the bottom of the scale. Imagine the shifts we can experience when we let go of resistance to feeling happy or loved.


You can start by creating a habit of feeling good and choosing to make alignment your highest priority. Pay attention to your feelings.


Be intentional with your emotions; stay focused on your happiness, become a master of your vibration, and see how quickly your life will change.


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