Happiness: Claim It!

Welcome to the 26 days of Happiness series! Today is day 5! Please meet featured author, Suzy Woo, from the soon to be released book: The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Happiness, available on February 11th!

Wow, what explosive times! Massive uncertainty. It feels like our personal ground is trembling and we are nervously bracing ourselves for a major earthquake.  

One thing for sure about 2020, or is it 20/20, is that it gave us a clear vision as to what (and who) is truly important. Our eyes were opened as we realized what we are made of and we were forced to look at the decisions we made which brought us precisely to where we are today.

It’s a great thing to look at things in hindsight. But when we are in the midst of a whirlwind, we can’t possibly see the ‘why,’ the ‘what’s it all about’ in our world. So, we must hang on for dear life and pray.

Once the dust begins to settle and we can see again, we can sort through the aftermath and look at our lessons for an improved contingency plan.

The best thing about the human condition is that we were born resilient. We are adaptive, our very nature is to go with the flow. But our brain loves comfort and regularity. Therein lies the conflict. You simply cannot grow from your comfort zone.

Laugh. Laugh some more.

Sing. Sing louder.

You can only change what you can change, and you can’t what you can’t so let it go. Really. Free fall, knowing that you will grow your wings on the way down. 

Realize that happiness is a choice. You consciously choose to be happy. It is a lifestyle, not a destination. Think about what you can bring to this day, rather than worrying what the day will bring to you.

Think of why you are happy and what are you grateful for. Be in your heart and express that gratitude, FEEL that gratitude. Give thanks for your beautiful physical vessel, for the ability to walk, talk, communicate, to love, to feel, to taste, to be who you are. Realize your own self as a product of creation!

Touch yourself and be thankful you have this magnificent life experience at the turning point of this entire civilization! We are dawning the Aquarian age, the age of ‘for the people’ of independence, of freedom, of the community, also of innovation, new ideas to solve old problems, of the visionary, and of humanitarianism. It is about improving the former systems rather than reinventing the wheel. It is about science, space, and technology. Embrace the tool of the internet, it brought the whole world together, it offers a forum where we can exchange ideas and share of our cultures.

We are given SO much to be grateful for. We have the senses to perceive and share and give of your own beautiful self; laugh, be free, love yourself, and live this beautiful life in the best way you can! Happiness is a way of life that starts with a choice. Choose it every moment of every day.

In deep love and gratitude,

Suzy Woo 

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