Happiness Means Leaving Your Expectations Behind

Welcome to the 26 Days of Happiness! Today is day 17. Please meet featured author Divine J9 from the soon to be released book: The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Happiness, sharing their inspiring story!

Think of the happiest moment in your life. Whether it’s your wedding day, adopting a pet, or carving through some fresh powder, just thinking about it probably brings a smile to your face.

Happiness is the state of being happy.

Merriam-Webster defines happy as:

  1. Feeling or showing pleasure, glad
  2. Enjoying a condition or situation, content
  3. Joyful
  4. Fortunate sense, lucky
  5. Being suitable for something

Take a look at number 2 again, enjoying a condition or situation, content. And number 3, joyful.

Remember when you were a kid and could play for hours on end? There’s something to be said for the innocence of youth creating imaginary worlds and enjoying every minute of it. Sadly, too many of us lose that childlike sense of curiosity and happiness slowly slips away.

What ultimately keeps us from being happy?

“I’ll be happy when I”:

  • Graduate from University
  • Get married
  • Buy a house
  • Drive a certain kind of car
  • Have a few kids
  • Own a pet
  • Have a successful career
  • Own my own business
  • Move to the city
  • Move to the country
  • Move to a new home
  • Earn a six figure income
  • ________________ (fill in the blank)

As we grow up, we inevitably take on greater responsibilities. We tend to have certain expectations of what we want to achieve in life. Having goals is one thing. If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

But having too many expectations can become a slippery slope, especially if we’re not mindful of living in the present moment.

If you want to be happy, be.

–Leo Tolstoy

The problem is, most of us don’t take time to stop and smell the proverbial roses. We get caught up in checking off our to-do lists or keeping up with the Joneses or buying the latest gadgets.

We are constantly looking towards the future, instead of enjoying the present. We are too busy DO-ing instead of BE-ing.

So how do we hop off the hamster wheel? How do we reclaim that childlike sense of wonder and happiness?


For millennia, indigenous cultures have harnessed the element of fire for rapid transformation. They used fire ceremonies to release obstacles, shift energies, and invite blessings.

Bringing this ancient tool into the modern world, we can create a fire ceremony any time we want to release things that are no longer serving us. All that’s needed is a candle (or fireplace) and our focused intention.

In The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care: 25 Tools for Happiness, I share a detailed fire ceremony guide. It’s a simple process to release old emotions and feelings, stagnant energy, and all of those things that are weighing you down.

Learn how to release your expectations and set your soul free. Give it to the fire and lighten up. Renew that twinkle in your eyes, go play, and enjoy the moment!

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Mahatma Gandhi

P.S. Here’s a special thank you bonus just for you! Click here to download your FREE ceremony guide.

~Jenine “J9”

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