Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! By Nancy Rainwater #WUVIP #BlogOfTheDay #HappyChineseNewYear #TheWellnessUniverse

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Year of the Red Monkey begins February 8, 2016, and will last until January 27, 2017! Based on a Lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year begins on the second New Moon following the Winter Solstice, each year. Our New Moon phase begins Monday, February 8, 9:39 am EST.

You can expect, in general, quicker, perhaps unexpected, movements in a Monkey year; a much different time than our slower 2015 Goat year had been. I think of these year-long associations as a general, light coating over the whole year, not as specific as your personal horoscope, for instance, or as a daily/weekly forecast. But it is worth noting the general energy of the time because things will go better for us during this Monkey year if we remain centered, flexible, optimistic, gutsy, and forward-looking.

2016 is a lucky year! This is a Fire Monkey year – good fortune, wellness, security, and prosperity! Think metaphorically at the New Year (New Moon, especially). For instance, try not to break things or to use knives and scissors; no crying because this foreshadows sorrow during the year; don’t borrow money; don’t sweep your floors during these few days as that is traditionally seen as sweeping away good luck. Just keep thinking along these lines during the New Moon and the days after it.

Red is the color, this year! Red = good luck! Make the most of this being a year of prosperity by supporting the idea and desire of prosperity in your life. For example, in terms of where to place some Red around your house, I would suggest a strong Red presence in the back left corner area of your home. This is the prosperity area. Think of some other items representing prosperity that you could place in this area, as well, like coins and cash and other valuable items. I would also like for you to place a piece of Citrine, known to be a money drawing stone, in that section, along with some Amethyst to bring in the spiritual aspect of wealth and good luck. It may also help you release any old negative beliefs that keep good fortune from your life.

Anything can happen in a Monkey year. We may have some new and exciting inventions or solutions … ways of doing things that no one had thought of before this year. Don’t be surprised if the younger folks in our world take the lead. Let them! Even though much of the energy of this year may feel a bit ‘up-in-the-air,’ go with the flow and hold on to your optimistic view of life. If you spend too much time looking back, you may find that this year will totally pass you by.

Of course with this much movement and change, we could also see some accompanying jealousy, selfishness, and arrogance … over and above what we have seen in 2015. Keep a good sense of humor at the ready as you watch the Monkey have his way with our world, this year!!

Watch for the differences as we transition into this next new period of time and prepare yourself for the exciting Year of the Monkey!

Nancy Rainwater, PhD

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