Happy Spouse Day!

Happy spouse day! Never heard of it? Spouse day has been celebrated in the US and the UK since the early 1980s and unlike Valentine’s day, this is a day set aside for giving each other time rather than gifts to celebrate our spouse. 

Couples are encouraged to spend alone time and to reflect on their journey. Let\’s Look at some ways to do that and show gratitude for our spouses. 

The Science Behind It

Scientific studies show that just twenty minutes of holding hands or cuddling with your partner can release hormones that leave you both happier and feeling good. Find a few minutes today to snuggle up and be grateful for each other’s company.

Recognize your spouse\’s contributions and work. It’s easy to take for granted the little things our spouses do every day and focus on the things they don’t do. Make a list of things you are grateful that they do and mention them throughout the day! Maybe you could write a letter or send a few text messages while they are at work. 

Do something you wouldn\’t normally do, be extra kind and show your gratitude.

Here are a few simple ideas:

  1. Get up early and make their favorite morning beverage.
  2. Pack your spouse a healthy lunch or bring them lunch at work.
  3. Wash their water bottle and refill it.
  4. Don’t do something that you know annoys them! 
  5. Clean up a mess they left without commenting (even in your head).
  6. Make their favorite dinner or try a new recipe together.
  7. Let your spouse pick the movie tonight.
  8. Do a chore they usually handle, like walking the dog.
  9. Take a quiz like this one and find out each other\’s love languages. https://www.psychologies.co.uk/tests/whats-your-love-language.html
  10. Play cards, go for a walk, or take some time to talk and really listen so you can understand, not automatically respond. 
  11. Look at your wedding album and reminisce together about your special day.
  12. Plan a project that you can do together, like planting a garden or running a 5K marathon.
  13. Set an intention to compliment and thank your spouse for at least one thing every day.
  14. Make a Spouse Day card and write 10 reasons why they are a great spouse. 

We live in a busy world with so many things pulling our attention in different directions, this can be such a distraction from our values and priorities. We can use Spouse Day as a reminder of what a blessing it is to have a partner. 

Be Clear on Your Ideal Relationship

As in any area of life it’s important to be clear on your goals and how you want to feel and be in each area of life. Take some time and journal about your ideal relationship together. If you feel that some things have fallen through the cracks, or could use improvement, create an action plan for things you can do together and by yourself to bring in the qualities you desire in your relationship and bring out the best in each other.

No one is perfect and a little grace and gratitude can go a long way and make your spouse feel special and appreciated on this Spouse Day and every day. 

Let us remember to always rediscover one another because we are forever changing.

~ Kamand Kojouri

Show each other gratitude today and every day!


PS – Share below some of the things you do to show your spouse how special they are. Maybe you\’ll inspire someone to do the same!

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