Have Yourself A Superhero Christmas!

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Have Yourself a Superhero Christmas!

Recently our Lil Miracle Maki Boys, of 7 & 9 hosted their first ever FUNdraiser, called “Own Your Hero” for the YWCA of Calgary and the amazing work they do with women and families in need. The response was incredible and the work they did to plan and organize rewarded by the glorious souls who not only attended, but dressed up as their personal heroes and ignited us all with their stories and their love!

Liam and Nathaniel had so much fun interviewing everyone (as did their Mom), delving into why the person they chose was their hero and how that hero has inspired them along life’s way. WoW the answers moved us, expanded us, and empowered us to embrace life in even more Heroic ways.

Thank you to ALL who Stepped In, #SuitedUp and showed us what soaring is ALL about! This will indeed be a yearly event and one that will reach out to touch even more lives.

Below is a collage of the Magic, but first here are 4 Tips on how to …

“Have Yourself a Super Hero Christmas…” (I can hear you humming it from here 🙂 )

All our Heroes tapped into these from time-to-time:

  1. Tech Time Check-Out & Soul Love Tap-In. Other than taking pics, make sure to consciously turn off and tune out to the outside world while tuning into the moments. Simply STOP and look around you. Smell the smells, taste the tastes, revel in the crackle of the fire or the cackle of Gramma’s familiar laugh. See the people around you, revel in their smiles, remember back to the magic you held in your heart around the holidays when you were a young boy or girl.
  2. Romp It Up. Find ways to get IN to the fun. Play games. Throw snowballs. Go sledding. Make snow angels. Drive the long way home to catch all the Christmas lights. Walk under the stars. Make your days less about scheduling moments or tuning outwards and more about tuning INWARDS to self and those you love and making, Mad, fun memories for forever!
  3. Revel in Rest. Discover the difference between escape and rejuvenation. The former whittles the minutes away, the latter elevates seconds and makes time stand still. Turn off the TV, tune out the party (juuuust for a bit) and draw a bath, light a candle, put on your fave tunes and open your amazing new book.  Find the balance between foods that feed your appetite for YUM & those that feed your body for relaxation and health.
  4. Suit Up for those in need. We want to enjoy every second of the lovely and thoughtful gifts we receive, but we also want to remember those who will not be surrounded by loved ones or presents. Take a moment to do something kind for someone this season:
  • Go for a walk with a few pairs of socks and mitts for those chilly strangers-come-friends
  • Buy a hot chocolate for someone who could use a ‘lil love
  • Open doors, smile, hug and show those around you that indeed Christmas, or whatever you celebrate at this time of year, comes not from a store but flows from your heart and is available for all!

Happy Holidays to you and yours. May the spirit of the season live in your heart all year through.

Much Love,

Original Source to Article, With many thanks to Jennifer Maki

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