The Healing Benefits of Speaking Your Authentic Truth

The Healing Benefits of Speaking Your Authentic Truth by Kristin Craft #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #AuthenticTruth

The Healing Benefits of Speaking Your Authentic Truth by Kristin Craft #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #AuthenticTruth

Your authentic truth represents who you feel you are, what you believe in, and what you desire when all the masks are removed.

It’s expressing the secrets you’re afraid of anyone knowing, the desires and passions you’re too afraid to share with the outside world, and the “flaws” or “weirdness” about yourself that you think others will not accept. Keeping these “secrets” to yourself leads to a lot of pent-up, unexpressed energy collecting in your body and energy field, creating limiting behavior and physical ailments. Speaking your authentic truth, thereby releasing the energy, can then, in turn, heal many areas of your life that may now seem blocked.

Why we don’t often speak our authentic truth:

The biggest reason we often forego expressing who we really are is out of fear. Because we must reveal something hidden about ourselves, from deep within, uncertainty arises, doubt sets in, and fear takes over. What will they think? What kind of person am I for doing or believing this? Would they accept me or reject me for being different than them? These are the questions that come up when faced with an opportunity to be real, honest, and authentic.

  • Fear of Being Judged.

Judgment is a part of life we all endure. It’s a natural human behavior that can be used positively or negatively. When used in positive ways, judgment turns into discernment that can help us determine our path in life, our preferences, and our deepest desires. When used negatively, judgment turns into criticism that creates separation and feelings of rejection and “wrongness.” Those are the feelings we all try to avoid because they feel horrible. But what feels even worse is hiding your authenticity.

When you accept yourself for who you are at this present moment and everything that comes along with that, without judgment towards yourself, you open up a space of acceptance that many others will recognize as you share “the real you” with them. Just when you thought you’d be judged, you’re greeted with acceptance and maybe even neutrality, and suddenly, this “secret” doesn’t seem so bad after all.

  • Fear of Being Seen as “Weird” or an Outcast.

This fear is quite common among those of us who consider ourselves “different” than the rest. We learn throughout life how others think and then compare that to the way we think, which then allows us to determine where we fit in. Unfortunately, during this process of comparison, we judge ourselves for the thoughts and desires we have if they are unlike everyone else’s. We don’t share ourselves because we believe “they” will see us as “weird,” which makes us feel separate from the group.

The thing we don’t know until we speak authentically is that others may have the same thoughts, desires or beliefs, or they won’t see them as “weird” in a judgmental, condemning way. So just because we didn’t feel safe to express ourselves to one group, we stopped trying to express that truth to everyone. From there, no one knows who we are on an authentic level, and we never get the relief of coming out with who we are inside. We also miss out on the opportunity to attract our tribe, the other “weirdos” out there just like us.

  • Fear of “Messing Up” the Relationship.

Communication is definitely something to be careful with since you cannot take back what has been said. That’s why it’s helpful to establish boundaries, or a “safe zone”, in your relationship to openly discuss these deep, hidden “secrets.” The right person will be caring and open to listening to whatever is on your heart or your mind. Fearing that you’ll mess up the relationship by being real and truthful, even admitting to your partner your “weirdness,” is more likely to “mess it up” than actually coming out with it all. By hiding pieces of yourself, you’re allowing less of yourself to show up in the relationship and less authenticity and intimacy to grow between you and your partner.

Healing Benefits of Speaking Authentically:

  • Releases the Energy Stuck in Your Throat.

We are all energetic beings, living in an energetic world, expressing the energies that flow to, through, and within us. If we choose to block the flow of energy by not expressing what has come up or what is deep within, it will surely stay there. Where else can it go? It’s like a red light that never turns green; the traffic just backs up and sits there waiting for a green light, or it may find another place to wait, or another route to travel until it’s finally released.

Until we speak our truth, the emotional energy builds up and therefore has capabilities of creating thyroid and throat issues, such as physical ailments or compulsive lying to cover up this truth. We may start to feel like we’re never going to get the chance to be who we are or say what we so desire to say, and a “block” in that area develops. By having the courage to share your “secrets,” humiliation, rage, or hopelessness is finally released and well-being and freedom of speech flow in to take its place.

  • Frees Up Mental Space.

When “secrets” of who we are or what we desire are kept within, they often find a place in our minds, consuming much of our brainpower. If only we could speak our authentic truth, we can free up that mental space with things that empower us, rather than that which holds us back. If you are holding onto a “secret” part of yourself, it’s best to find a trustworthy person to listen without judgment. The freedom that comes from finally releasing this “thing” and getting it “off your chest” can do wonders for you and your health.

Once you let it go, the healing begins, and well-being comes to fill its place.

How has speaking your authentic truth helped your life? Please share your experiences in the comments section below!

– Kristin

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