Healing through Integrative Energy Medicine

Healing through Integrative Energy Medicine by Kristi Borst #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #EnergyMedicine

Healing through Integrative Energy Medicine by Kristi Borst #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #EnergyMedicine

Healing through Integrative Energy Medicine: Balancing Mind-Body-Spirit Emotions

We Have Incredible Self-Healing Bodies:

For many, the system seems to have gone awry. Many people are healthy yet don’t feel well. Others “have everything” but feel empty, sad, lost. Cutting out body parts or ingesting chemicals with myriad side effects has become the norm in our medical system. While we have gained relief from infectious disease, in many cases, we have lost the intimacy of healthcare which sees and addresses the whole person in an integrative approach.

What’s Your Dis-Ease Telling You?

Multidimensional or integrative healing (mind-body-spirit emotions), is largely experiential and unique for each person. In 1976, Louise Hay thoroughly documented associations between dis-ease and ailments of specific body parts. “Heal Your Body … The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them” was an invaluable tool for me as a new practitioner.

Release that which no longer serves you through individual and group healing sessions. As an integrative quantum healer, I know that fear, anger, hatred, regret, grief, and victimhood create an environment which restricts the human body\’s natural abilities to self-regulate and self-heal. Essentially, this internal dis-ease can eventually translate to physical disease. The great “news” is that when the root of dis-ease is removed when the client is able to release emotional stories that are based in illusion when love replaces its “denser counterparts,” the body seeks and more easily attains balance, perfection, health, wellness, and joy.

What’s Got You Stuck?

One of my first client healing sessions in 2013 was with a friend who had shoulder pain and immobility. He’d been told that nothing could be done for him short of surgery. He knew of my services and figured he had “nothing to lose.” When I touched his shoulder, I became aware of his angry and hostile feelings toward his father. It was almost literally stuffed full of unprocessed rage and anger.

His session focused on seeing these feelings from his current adult view and not that of the child who was powerless. He experienced an amazing release of toxic emotions and “energy blocks.” His body responded immediately. He left the session more flexible and pain-free. More than five years later, he has no issues with his shoulder.

Mind-Body-Spirit-Emotions – The Whole Package:

The other day I received a healing request from a client who is located about 150 miles away. We connected by love-based energy and a phone call for one of my Perspective Reboot® Healing Sessions.

In addition to wanting to be in a better place emotionally, she was experiencing knee pain and immobility. I connected with her mind-body-spirit emotions.

When I got to her knee, I sensed fear and asked her about it. “I think it’s about my son,” (a young adult) she explained. Messages came to share with her about her spiritual life path and the empowerment to her son if she could let go of this fear. This segment of the session created a huge release for her and she was able to shift her countenance from fear to supportive love. In about five minutes her knee was pain-free and full mobility was restored.

There are people who have experienced similar “healings” when the root of the discomfort is brought to light and shifted. Our mental body responds similarly. I’ve worked with a number of clients who have felt as if they are trudging through life, caught in some type of hole within themselves. Through mind-body-spirit-emotional healing, we’ve been able to either build a bridge over that hole or fill it in with forgiveness & compassion, born of a Higher Perspective, and assistance in moving forward.

Is It Incurable Because You Say So?

Interestingly, clients do not always need to know the root of their dis-ease to heal it. I had an interaction with a woman with COPD (reduced lung capacity which is said to be “non-curable”). We were together, she was coughing, and I had a sense that I could help her. I asked her if I could work energetically on her lungs and she agreed. I sensed a heaviness in her lungs and was able to release it with her cooperation. She later reported that her doctor was amazed that her lung capacity, formerly at about 60%, was close to 100% in her next office visit.

Natural healing can seem astounding and yet it makes perfect sense. We are more than our bodies. We are multi-dimensional beings, a synergy of energy, thought, spirit, and physicality. Integrative Energy Medicine considers and treats the entire being, as our ancient “medicine men” and even 19th Century family docs did. I am happy to see Reiki in hospitals and the use of energy healing as a compliment to traditional medical, emotional, and drug therapies.

Why Own It?

When someone comes to me and says, “I have xyz,” I suggest they shouldn’t claim anything they don’t want to keep. Quantum science is confirming that our DNA is not the stagnant structure once believed. Feel the power in telling your body, I am working on healing xyz. Release your memory of x-rays, diagnoses, and probable outcomes that you do not find pleasing. Focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want. Ultimately, that’s true for all aspects of your life, beyond your health!

In the Driver’s Seat:

Observe yourself. What are you focusing on? Do you look in the mirror with a critical eye? Do you hold a grudge against someone from the past? What is the dis-ease you harbor? Imagine your body thrives on love and feed yourself well!

If you can’t “get over” it on your own, that’s okay! I believe that’s part of being human. We need one another. Sometimes asking for help is life’s best medicine.

– Kristi

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