Healing the Pain Body and Chakras

Healing the Pain Body and Chakras by Anaiis Salles #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #PainBody

Healing the Pain Body and Chakras by Anaiis Salles #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #PainBody

What are Chakras? What is your Pain Body?

How can we use the information in any given chakra to release trauma and pain that is stored in our subtle bodies of emotional and thought?

Based on decades of experience as a practitioner, I offer a unique perspective on the characterization of the pain body, an apt term that was first coined by Eckhart Tolle.

For several decades, my students and clients have learned that we heal ourselves by:

  • Returning to the sacred circle of life through spiritual commitment and non-ritual based personal practice
  • Clearing stagnant energy in our subtle energy bodies
  • Balancing masculine/feminine energy in our subtle energy field
  • Accessing the information in any given chakras
  • Realizing that the ancient 7 chakra energy system has changed
  • Removing the system of separation templates from our emotional, mental, and etheric subtle energy bodies
  • A personal process based on forgiveness and non- judgment
  • Direct experience; bypassing the ego/mind and the artificial structure of time so we are able to go straight to the heart of our ‘matter’ and heal

Don’t yet feel or see subtle energy (auras)? A simple wooden pendulum is a good tool for checking your chakras, or someone else’s.

Given the new energies that have come through since 2012, most of us by now (2018), are aware that we no longer have chakras 2 and 3. This has been an organic, gentle, even blissful process. No need to have our chakras removed by someone calling themselves a healer.

In the old 7 chakra system, these transitioning chakras organized information coming into and out of our emotional/feeling body (chakra 2), or conceptual or thought-based information coming into and out of our mental/body (chakra 3).

Today, both of these chakras will likely be absorbed into your heart chakra, chakra 4.

Chakra 4 is the new root chakra! When we connect to the earth with an intention to ground ourselves into the earth’s electromagnetic field, we now connect through the heart center and allow grounding energy to flow through our entire energy field.

Eastern traditions from long past taught adepts to ground and connect with the earth using the root chakra.

The most effective way to heal all of your subtle bodies in the new energies is to move into your heart center, then access zero-point in a quiet inner moment or meditation. From there, open the information portals that are your 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th chakras.

Feeling “stuck” in a specific energy center or part of your body?

Breathe into your heart center first then using breath and intention, with a relaxed rhythm, let the energy flow into and out of the affected area, opening to new insight, understanding, guidance, or forgiveness.

Many of us are now aware of having access to information from even a greater expanse of energy which includes the morphogenetic and quantum fields and direct knowing. This access accounts for the exciting experience of “getting downloads.”

For millennia, the emotional body of each and every energy field has held all the trauma/drama/chaos and heartbreak associated with all embodied life experience while the mental body held distorted information with regard all of our relationships.

This information, captured as energy frozen in time, was formerly known as the Akashic record.

Once chakra 2 and chakra 3 have been absorbed into your heart chakra, use a pendulum to dowse chakras 5, 6, and 7. You may be surprised to discover that where your third chakra once spun either clockwise or counterclockwise, there is now a straight, unobstructed flow of energy right up through your central bliss channel. This is not kundalini snake energy; this is your birthright bliss moving through you.

When you dowse your body with a pendulum, it will swing straight up and down.

In a vertical motion aligned with your spine. It should be noted that our palm chakras and smaller chakras continue to hold a circular form in terms of electromagnetic energy rotation.

The organic process of chakra 2 and 3 being absorbed into your heart chakra is a sure sign that your personal transformation process, however quick or slow, has matured.  We can celebrate that our collective process of healing and the Earth’s new energies are supporting our changes every step of the way.

Again, the chakra that governs all other subtle bodies is now your heart chakra!

You are now fully human and a shareable wave in the quantum energy field. Congratulations!

– Anaiis

Interested in learning more? I offer numerous live and online courses and spiritual retreats for deeper, in-person healing work and healer training in the United States and abroad. Feel free to connect with me on my website.

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