The Healing Side of the Coronavirus

The Healing Side of the Coronavirus by Julie Robinson #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Healing

Since March 2020, the worldwide spread of the coronavirus has forced people to stay home and deal with themselves differently through closing all non-essential businesses and “busyness.”

Before the coronavirus, people relied on their preconceived notions of how to live by keeping themselves “lost in the world.” It’s almost like the higher purpose of the coronavirus said, “Let’s turn it off for a while” in order to provide people with massive healing in four stages: acceptance, reaching out to a higher power, vulnerability, and trust. Due to the serious dangers going on in our world, the higher purpose of COVID-19 has been successful in making people stay home and deal with themselves and their latent issues. Due to all of the enforced sudden endings of all “busyness,” it is forcing people to simmer down, and instead, sit with their feelings. Although some people may still be in resistance to what’s happening, they will eventually need to explore the healing side of the coronavirus.

According to the angels, we need to explore collective healing by coming to a place of acceptance by developing a connection to a higher power, being ok with being vulnerable, and learning to trust that we will be ok to further evolve. Coming to a place of acceptance and a renewal of self, embracing things is a far more evolved way of handling the changes to our surface level of reality rather than remaining lost in the world.

In the higher power’s agenda, to get us to explore the healing side of the coronavirus, we have been forced to accept the things we cannot change. In our beginning process of acceptance, we must first learn what we can no longer do: a gradual embracing of a drastic change to our normal routines. While different for everyone, we have all had to gradually accept certain things we have no control over such as leaving the house to work, our kids staying home from school, and figuring out what to do and how to be. In the first stages, the porthole to the awakened stage remains in pure potentiality, because we are not really motivated in finding the deeper essence of who we are; therefore, the removal of our comfort zones is a step-by-step process for most.

The spread of the coronavirus will eventually force people to rely on a higher power and reach out.

Although it’s important for us to be independent, the angels assert everyone’s latent issues are coming to the surface to heal, therefore, people will be forced to reach out for support. In this way, people will have to humble themselves to better cope with the challenges they encounter in life. For example, the new stay-at-home mom who is overwhelmed will be forced to delegate. The compulsive shopper who can’t go to Winners every day now will be forced into recovery. These are obviously limited examples because for each individual, the awakening process is different. We cannot assume that everyone is recovering from an addiction. In general, though, we can say there’s been an increase in fear, and we’re all on earth at this time to experience an awakening in some form or another.

While one person is dealing with a financial crisis, he or she instead might discover the situation is actually helping them move out of an undesirable job and into their life purpose, while another is learning that certain situations and constructs no longer work for them and their family. Moreover, the need to reach out to a higher power is not limited to those in recovery and crisis: but in all cases, we will have to admit we are powerless to a power greater than ourselves; therefore, the need to reach out and surrender is inevitable.

WARNING – Some Explicit Language

While the effects of the coronavirus force us into isolation and exploration, the tone of the pandemic has certainly made us all more vulnerable and made it a challenge for people to trust that “everything is going to be ok.” The examples are, some countries have made government funding accessible, while others are slow to follow, and for those who are reliant on that money, it’s hard for them to sit down and relax. For the person who doesn’t know where their next paycheck is coming from, or even their next meal, the nurse who has to get up and go to work and expose herself to the virus repeatedly, or the cashiers who sacrifice themselves for a paycheck, it’s easy for us to say, “Be ok with being vulnerable and trust that everything is going to be fine.” There is not one element in any of these situations that is easy, especially not for their families who worry about them. The trust in a higher power each individual has to have at this time, whether it’s to head out to the grocery store or risk it all to go to work, to take public transit, or hop in a taxi-cab means we’re all vulnerable. The accent of our shared vulnerability is our ability to spread something between each other so quickly and implies the deep connection of our humanity.

While scientists are exploring a cure for the coronavirus, the healing side of it may already have been found because of our ability to grow and evolve, despite our surface reality remaining constant.

While from one point of view things are getting worse, another point of view is things are getting better, therefore, the higher power’s attempt for collective evolution can be successful. While the coronavirus is forcing most of us into isolation and causing all of us to rethink our living situations, the result being that we all are being excessively vulnerable heals our humanity. In the higher power’s agenda to get us to reach out more, people will become reliant on working together and surrendering to get by.

The combination of self-exploration, an appropriately vulnerable tone, a reliance on teamwork, and a reliance on a higher power make the universe’s agenda to create collective healing successful if we all pursue its potential.

– Julie

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