Healing on A Soul Level for Optimal Health

Healing on A Soul Level for Optimal Health by Linda Turner #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SoulLevel

Our health is precious, determining not only the quality and quantity of our lives but also the quality of our relationships with ourselves and others.

Healing on a soul level will maximise both quality and quantity in all areas of life, aiding us to live our best lives, sliding into home plate, and ready for what’s next. So, how do we achieve healing on a soul level?

The pursuit of healing on a soul level often begins when we’re out of answers for issues in our lives or when we have a driving need, an inner desire, to stop the burning hole inside of us.

Throughout the course of our lives, from the time of conception, we build a data bank of information through observation, experiences, and family dynamics. We use it as a “how to” where we can find answers to the issues that occur in our lives. I remember believing one of my resources was “how to cook.” Until I left home and tried to cook my first meal, and the disastrous results left me with a mess and food everywhere.

The desire to seek wisdom and information, outside of our known sphere of influence and our personal data bank, is paramount for soul level healing.

Without having a desire and determination to learn, no healing at this level is achieved. We need the input for our databank to increase, and we need the experience to know what works and what doesn’t. Experience increases our options and taps into the creative force. As we combine information and experience we create new ideas and come up with new solutions. To not have another disastrous dinner I spoke with my mum about timing and as I went through the cooking experience I learned how my equipment functioned, thereby creating solutions that suited my particular cooking efforts.

The key to gaining soul level healing is participation in the experience.

Knowledge addresses the mind, experience touches and transforms the heart, and reaches into our soul. As we move through an experience our senses are processing everything that is happening, transferring the data into logic, and as we relax and become confident our heart opens up, allowing us access to our soul. This very simple process gives us the confidence to stretch ourselves more and move from cooking dinner to creating banquets, but first, we must believe. We must reach a space where through experience we believe in our ability to overcome mistakes creatively.

Deep soul healing requires our willingness to learn the process of creativity.

We make mistakes, yes, but it is in the mistakes and the mess, where confidence connects with creativity and fear is no more. Perfection (fear) is a box we imprison ourselves with, creativity is the space where we are set free. Minus mistakes we won’t push further than what we already know, serving up perpetual burnt dinners instead of becoming inspired to create banquets.

Progressing deeper to heal at a soul level also requires combining a spiritual practice or belief into our daily lives.

Without a belief in God or a higher power, we have no access to the data necessary to undo the past and release our future. Remembering that without healing we will not have health. We next need to add courage to our experiential equation. Great courage is needed to look into the reflective mirror of our soul. At this point, we move from creating a banquet from the previous mess. In order to clean up that mess, we’re going to need a willingness to reach for a love greater than we have ever known.

Imagine trying to clean up after a banquet on your own. As you stand and stare at the work ahead of you despair creeps in and an inner downward spiral begins. You may glaze over the despair and attempt to “just get on with it” but if you knew you had access to help you’d access it in a heartbeat. That’s what our spiritual practice brings. We sit quietly and ask for help to see what we cannot see on our own. We are still going to have to clean up that mess, but with help.

It’s the separation from divine love within our self that can perpetuate our ill-health or keep us on repeat cycles in our lives.

The journey through identifying the thoughts, emotions, beliefs, patterns, or limits that separate us from complete love is called awakening our inner soul. Throughout the journey, we discover how to look at the mess of the banquet (our life) and sit with it peacefully. Aware that cleaning up takes time, experience, creativity, connection to divinity, and courage, we come to experience that our soul work is priceless.

Have you come to the space where it’s time to engage with your soul? A time to pursue soul healing, to clean up the mess for the purpose of both quality and quantity of life? Has the hour appeared where you need to awaken your inner soul?

If so, I welcome you to the journey that leads to an extraordinary life, a life where we do messy cleanups, together.

– Linda

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