7 Chakras 7 Days: Heart Chakra “I Love”

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When the Heart Chakra is in balance, you feel worthy and loved, you are capable of fully loving and forgiving.”

The Heart Chakra is located right in the middle of the chest at your Heart. Its corresponding color is Green.

The Heart Chakra is your ‘Healing Center’ and it governs your bonds with others. It is the center of your love, compassion, joy, warmth and self-love. Recognizing that you are part of something larger and that we are all connected.

Visualize a Green ball of light spinning and glowing in the center of your chest… focus on that ball, now take a deep breath and visualize that ball of energy, feeling its warmth as it grows larger and expands throughout that area.

The Heart Chakra is very important for maintaining a strong loving connection with others.


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Some manifestations of this Chakra being hindered or out of balance are:

Physical imbalance–  Heart disease, high blood pressure, breathing disorders, chest pain, Breast cancer, immune system issues, muscular tension, respiratory issues, upper back issues, digestive disorders.

Emotional imbalance–  Lack of empathy, fear of intimacy, passivity, easily manipulated, fatigue, anger, negativity, feeling at war with yourself, depression.

Reasons this Chakra can be hindered or out of balance:

  • Holding on
  • Unforgiving, resentment and/or anger
  • Lack of love as a child
  • Physical abuse as a child
  • Trauma to the chest area
  • Relationships based on conditional love
  • Not accepting your Inner truth

Interesting Information:

This Chakra also controls the Thymus Gland, this gland is most active as a child, and this is when all the growth takes place. This is a very important part of a child’s development, especially within their immune system. Also, one of the Thymus glands functions is to prevent the growth of abnormal cells that could potentially lead to cancer. So it would not be surprising that the Heart Chakra would be out of balance if there were physical abuse, lack of nurturing as a child or not fully understanding Love.

When the Heart Chakra is in balance, you feel worthy and loved, you are capable of fully loving and forgiving. You also have no problem with nurturing yourself because you know that you are as deserving for love just as others are.

Some ways that you can balance this Chakra are:

  • Deal with childhood trauma
  • Forgive
  • Meditate
  • Reiki
  • Be Grateful
  • Wear the color Green

Daily practice of meditation on each Chakra will help in keeping the good energy flowing and will help balance your life in both the physical and emotional aspects.

Stay tuned for the Throat Chakra


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