How Can Reiki Energy Help You?

How Can Reiki Energy Help You By Heather Lang #WUVIP #Reiki #Energy #Share #Healing #CosmicHealing #AlternativeTherapy #HealingHands

As a practicing Reiki Master, I often find many people who are not familiar with this form of alternative therapy. When I provide a brief overview, I find many are skeptical. Yet, if they are open and willing to try it, most are pleasantly surprised. One of my very first clients was a skeptic. She is a friend of mine who has taken many yoga sessions with me, and since she originally hadn’t thought yoga would help her but found that it did, she was willing to give Reiki a try after an injury. She wrote the following:

“I was extremely skeptical when I heard about the powers of Reiki and thought there is no way this could possibly work! Then, when I flipped my 4-wheeler and hurt my shoulder I first went to the doctor. The doctor said it would heal; no breaks just bruised, but time will heal it. Well, after 3 weeks it was not getting any better so I thought “what the heck I will give Reiki a try.” I was absolutely amazed by the energy level and healing power of Reiki. After one treatment, my shoulder was recognizably better and after just 3 or 4 treatments my range of motion was back to 100% and the pain was gone! In addition to the relief from the pain, Reiki has a way of re-energizing your body and soul. I would highly recommend Reiki for any type of muscle healing you may need, as well as for relaxation and general uplifting of your spirit to increase your sense of wellbeing.” – Terri

Another client, at first, came to see me for an injury she had endured, and has since then come back, several times, for many different reasons. She provided this to me:

“I am so grateful to personally know and trust someone locally that I can go to for Natural Healing. I first went to Heather for a Reiki treatment after a hard fall off a horse and my insides were so bruised and shaken. Her gentle but effective energy treatments really and truly helped and expedited my body’s recovery time. I have since gone for various reasons, sinus, joint, whenever I felt like I needed healing from within and on the outside. I also discovered through one of Heather’s treatments that my grandmother whom I never met, was present which was a real blessing to me and I have since been talking to her in my prayers. I will continue to go to Heather for Reiki treatments and feel good about referring her to anyone.” – Celia

Reiki Energy can help with physical injuries, yet there are infinite uses for it. I have a client who loves it for relaxing and de-stressing. Reiki can boost your immune system especially in times when your immune system may be compromised. It is a wonderful compliment to those in counseling. It can help restore your body after an intense exertion. One of my clients came after a marathon to help her body recover. Each Reiki session is as unique as every individual who experiences it, and every individual can have a unique experience each time.

A Reiki Energy session provides revitalization, rejuvenation and regeneration as well. It helps activate or re-activate the body’s natural healing abilities and is a powerful method to help energize your whole being. Anytime we are extremely stressed and experiencing intense or profound challenging times in our life, such as injuries, relationships, major life changes, disease or illness, or any other situation or difficult time in life, our energy levels can decrease. This affects our moods, thoughts, bodies, souls and more. Essentially if we don’t feel “right” or “well”, our wellness has been compromised. A Reiki Master draws on energies from the Universe and Mother Nature, to help boost a client’s energy. This brings assistance in many forms, from lessening pain and draining stress allowing the client to heal, relax, focus, balance and more. Reiki Energy can even be used to keep us in a state of balanced wellness by having regular sessions to keep our energy strong during life’s ups and downs.

Another blog I wrote can be found here on The Wellness Universe, entitled “Reiki is…” explaining more about this centuries-old therapy. I would be de-LIGHT-ed to answer your questions! Just leave a comment and I’ll reply.


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