How to Combat the Vast Impact of A Microscopic Virus

How to Combat the Vast Impact of A Microscopic Virus by Kimberly Sheldahl #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Impact

When you think of the word IMPACT what do you think of?

I cannot read your thoughts but only assume you may be thinking about the impact of the Coronavirus. Ordinarily, we would not give a second thought to things we cannot see. That changes with the magnitude of the impact caused by COVID-19.

This small, yet vast virus is affecting our health, both physically and emotionally. This small, yet vast virus is impacting our economy, shutting down businesses, schools, and restaurants. The power it holds over us is enormous.

How to Combat the Vast Impact of A Microscopic Virus #Impact
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How do we hold steadfast during challenging times?

There are many suggestions I could offer today, but a few stand out more than others:

Replace Fear with Acceptance and Gratitude

Stay Positive and Know, This Too Shall Pass

We cannot choose how much we will be affected by COVID-19. We can choose how we respond. It may seem as if we have no choice, but we do. This microscopic virus is seemingly controlling the world, but it cannot control your response.

Replacing Fear

When you suffer from anxiety or worry, your thoughts cycle around and around. When this happens, we lean into the fear of the unknown and tend to stay in a state of “what if.”

  • What if I get the virus?
  • What if my company lays me off because of a lack of business?
  • What if someone I love gets the virus?
  • What if we can’t get the necessities we need to live?
  • What if? What if? What if?

The what-ifs never seem to end. Our emotional minds can take us for a ride and send us into the realm of a fake reality. This virtual reality, like other virtual realities, isn’t real. Not yet.

Changing Thought Patterns with Thoughts of Acceptance and even Gratitude

I, in no way, am implying that you should be grateful for the virus. I am asking you to pause and recognize your thought patterns. How can you practice gratitude and acceptance during this crisis?

  • Granted this is tough. None of us want to accept this is really happening, but when we put our energies into fighting reality, we only increase the emotional toll that it’s taking on us.
  • Acceptance does not mean we like the circumstances. It means we understand and even embrace things as they are.

When life throws her darts at us, we wonder how we ended up being the dartboard. That’s only natural, especially when something we can’t even see repeatedly hits the bull’s eye. When this happens, pause and find something you are thankful for.

  • Are you and your family still well?
  • Do you have all the necessities that you currently need?
  • Are you able to work remotely?
  • Have you seen or encountered first-hand the kind acts from individuals and companies offering their services?
  • Have you seen our health care professionals rise to this enormous challenge, placing their lives at stake?
  • Have you seen our country and other countries pull together?
How to Combat the Vast Impact of A Microscopic Virus #Impact
Image Credit: Picture: Pixabay by Gerd Altman

When the Ultimate Tragedy Hits

If you have lost a loved one to the Coronavirus, I offer my deepest sympathies. I cannot relate to losing someone that I love to this pandemic, but I have lost both of my parents. Cancer took my father’s life and my mother passed away after a respiratory arrest. After their deaths, I missed them greatly and today I often think of them.

  • I remember the good times. I was always my dad’s baby girl, no matter how old I got.
  • I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if my mom were alive, she would be on the frontlines caring for others. She was a nurse and devoted her life to caring for the sick.

I pray that none of you reading this will lose a loved one, but I realize that may not be the case. If you suffer a loss in your family, I pray your heart will mend with the fondest of memories.

Staying Positive Because This Too Shall Pass

I’d like you to think about a difficult time in your life. If we live long enough, we will all go through challenging times. We will also get to a better place. While the Coronavirus is running rampant it may seem like we will never get back to normal. But, we will. COVID-19 will run its course and it will be a thing of the past. That’s what we can look forward to.

  • In the days and weeks that lie ahead, I ask you to think about:

Your Thoughts, Choices, and Reactions. They are under your control.

  • In the days and weeks that lie ahead, I ask you to try to:

Replace non-beneficial thought patterns with Acceptance and Gratitude.

  • In the days and weeks that lie ahead, I ask you to embrace that this too shall pass:

This Too Shall Pass: We will return to normal.

It is my hope that my words have encouraged you. In much the same way, my #1 best-selling book, HACK into OZ, Get the MOST Out of Life is now available on Amazon. I discounted the book to .99 cents through the end of March.

In the book, I take my readers along with me, revisiting OZ. You will run into familiar characters along the way and learn a lot more about the benefits of mindful awareness and mind-body connection, physical movement, and more. The topics covering well-being will help build our resilience as we get through the impact of COVID-19.

I also link two key concepts, well-being, and our will and volition to get things done. We will all need to understand and tap into our natural ways of solving problems. Because, it is together, that we will overcome.

Until next time, I wish you and your family the very best during these times.

– Kimberly

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