Become a Conscious Creator

Are you creating a soulful business and life from a conscious and empowered state of being? 

To become a conscious, deliberate creator you must become aware of your vibrational frequency. 

Awareness is the Catalyst that Leads to True Transformation

Awareness is powerful and impacts your manifesting outcomes.

Once you become aware of something, you become empowered to make different choices. As you go about your busy day, often you are not consciously aware of your thoughts. But those thoughts create your habits, actions, beliefs, and behaviors. When those thoughts do not serve you, they hinder your manifesting ability. And this is why you can feel stuck, overwhelmed, and out of alignment for years sometimes.

Awareness can lead you into higher frequencies where you can manifest from the higher realms.

Here is an example of how awareness is highly beneficial to your soulful business and life.

Let’s say you are busy doing a mundane task and realize you are feeling “off.” Negative. Frustrated. And you do not feel like working.

What’s going on?

Where did those negative feelings come from? 

They could have come from your thoughts. Or, you could have tapped into the energies in your environment or even those from mass consciousness. 

It is in that moment of awareness where your power lies 

and the magic happens.

As my awareness increases, my control over my own being increases.

~ William Schutz

Once you become consciously aware of negative energies, it is in that moment of awareness where your power lies. You are then empowered to clear your energy field. You can choose what vibrational frequency you would like to experience. Such as joy, love, and enthusiasm as you continue to work on your business.

The more aware you are of the energies around you the easier it will be for you to shift your vibration and enjoy the new experiences and manifestations these changes bring you.

Become Aware of Your Thoughts

Once you become aware that your energy is funky and heading into the lower vibrational frequencies, notice what you are thinking, the words you are using, and the choices you are making. When your thoughts, feelings and actions are in alignment you will move throughout your day in flow. When you notice you become aware that you are out of alignment; that is when you get to become empowered and shift your energy. 

Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”

– Eckhart Tolle

Ways to Shift Your Energy

  1. Do energy work to clear your field. You can call upon your guides and angels for assistance. You can ask Archangel Michael to cut cords for you or for Astrea to purify your field.

  2. Do any kind of movement that you enjoy. Moving your physical body will help to more the negative energies. You can dance, take a walk in nature, or walk around your block and notice the beauty. 

  3. Mediate. Any type of meditation will shift your point of attraction. You can meditate to quiet your mind or to guide your thoughts with guided meditation journeys. 

In our free class (information below) we are going to share another way you can shift your energy and stop negative thoughts immediately. This process takes awareness but when you use it, it can stop negative manifestations in their tracks.

Awareness Leads to Different Choices

By becoming aware of your energy and how you feel, you become empowered to make different choices. Awareness is like building a muscle. The more conscious time you spend on heightening your awareness the stronger it becomes. Awareness can lead you to higher, more expanded levels of consciousness. From those higher states you can Journey Beyond The Veil™ where next-level manifestations are created. 

If you are a soulful entrepreneur and want to heighten your awareness so you can break free from negativity, and manifest with ease, come join us for our FREE class: Journey Beyond The Veil™…Where Next-Level Manifestations Are Created! Click here to learn more and register

Awareness is the catalyst for change. If you want different results, you must begin to do things differently. Awareness empowers you to make different choices.

Wishing you Magic & Miracles

~ Donna & Lisa

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