How to Enjoy More Vitality in Your Day

How to Enjoy More Vitality in Your Day by Lynda Kaplan #WUVIP #Vitality #BlogOfTheDay

How can you enjoy more vitality, rather than just function in your day?

Demands from your boss, or yourself if you are your own boss, seem to be continual and can be fatiguing. How can you maintain the level of concentration and energy that you need to get through your day with more vitality rather than merely existing?

Most of us know that we need to cut down on the sugar and the high fats in our diets. But what is the better way forward?

Firstly, food is just one element of making our day work better. Our quality of sleep is also important. Quality not necessarily quantity too. Our mind and body rests and rejuvenates from sleep. How much is ideal? Studies have shown that between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night is ideal. You will know from experience what is ideal for you.

Worry is also an energy-drainer, isn’t it? A positive step to reduce worry in your day is to aim to write down in your diary or iPhone, all the important things you need to do. This helps relieve your brain from remembering it all for you.

Food is one element that we do have some control over in our lives.

Most of us know that skipping a meal is not great for you.  Sometimes we have had to skip a meal as we were with a client and so on. But the effects can really add up for the rest of your day if this happens. Headaches, thirst, and tiredness are common side effects.

Beginning your day with food that allows your body to really flourish will enable you to tackle those items on your long list of to-do’s.

  • Low GI foods are often talked about in our press. The foods that provide longer energy than the quick-fix high sugar foods.
  • Oats are a great start to our day. They are easy to eat, and we can enjoy them in a variety of ways. Hot in winter, with some honey, and cinnamon sprinkled on top, or cold with yoghurt and/or fresh fruit and nuts in summer.
  • Eggs are an amazing nutritional food and a number one dynamo in my opinion. So versatile, and packed with nutrients that your body loves to use. You can cook them so many different ways.  You can also add your favourite foods on the side, like mushrooms, avocado, sides of beans, baby spinach, tomato and so on.
  • The takeaway chocolate bars that tempt us are ok (perhaps?) for a snack occasionally. But aim to pack some nuts, such as almonds or walnuts, for a quick protein boost.
  • It is the protein that can help us feel fuller for longer. If you like, you can add some raisins, sultanas or currants to provide some natural sweetness.
  • Fruit is great almost any time. Remember that they have natural sugar inside. Great as a pick-me-up but be conscious of how much you eat of say, watermelon, and grapes, as they are often very high in (natural) sugar too. They are also packed with fiber and vitamin C which is good for you. All in moderation.

Variety is good, so think about the proteins first as they are the most filling and provide energy for you longer.

Drinking water is so vital for our body. It is really amazing just how much our body is composed of water! (1) Overall about 60%! Headaches can result from being dehydrated. So it is a great idea to drink water whenever possible. After your coffee, drink some water as coffee is known to dehydrate you as well.

Give these simple alternatives a go when you next experience an energy slump. You will likely feel more vitality and avoid the slump that can happen after the sugar hit ends.

Feeling energised is a wonderful feeling. Here’s to your day being productive and filled with vitality!

– Lynda Kaplan

Original Source to article, With many thanks to Lynda Kaplan