How to Let the Universe Help You

Can the universe help you avoid mistakes? Part 3 of a 3-part series by Ilene Dillon. Late joining this series? Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2!

A friend of mine, Deki, lost her very good friend to cancer in November. Deki is the kind of friend who comes to your home, helps you face your fears, fills your with love, helps you put your everyday affairs in order, and then helps you through the dying process. Anyone with such a friend is indeed fortunate. Deki lived in my home for the full four plus years my husband was battling cancer, without pay, supporting us both with her love, spirit-filled messages, kindness, and over-the-top caring.  


To attend to her dying woman friend, Deki lived in her sister’s apartment, her sister having settled for a time in another state. To help her friend, Deki borrowed something that is quite important to her sister, a small, pink-encased measuring tape. Once borrowed, she’s been unable to find it for three or four months, much to her sister’s the distress.

Yesterday Deki told me the story of preparing her deceased friend’s leased car for return to the dealer. She told me she felt absolutely driven to clean out every nook and cranny of the car, even though the fiduciary working with her told her it wasn’t necessary. As they started to close the door for the final time, Deki noticed a compartment in the console between the front seats, a place she had not yet searched. Peering inside, she spied something bright pink and fished out the long-missing tape measure, the last thing retrieved from that car.

“Oh, I see the Universe isn’t allowing you to make mistakes, either!” I told her excitedly. I recalled for her the incident that had shown me I am similarly protected. It delighted us that both of us had such an experience.

Two years ago, I planned to visit San Diego for a business conference. Since I live full-time in my RV with my little dog, Pi, I needed to bring Pi with me. Contacting the conference organizers, I asked if I could keep her with me during the conference, assuring them of her impeccable behavior and quietness. They declined. I thought they were also telling me I could not bring her to the hotel, so I bypassed the many opportunities to share a room. Instead, I booked an Airbnb as close to the venue as possible and scheduled to fly in on Halloween evening.


About four days prior to my departure, I had a powerful dream. In it, I was holding Pi in my arms as I walked a path through the woods. I came to an open grassy clearing, where there were three suitcases scattered, each sitting in a spot where the grass was no longer growing. It was as if the suitcase owners had left them and never returned. I stopped, pondering what could possibly create such a scene.

Standing there, rustling in the trees opposite me revealed a full-grown female lion. She emerged from the woods and began walking toward me, licking her lips. When the second lion emerged from the woods, walking toward me in the same way, I began searching for something with which I could protect myself, finding nothing, neither a stick nor a rock! I shouted at them. “You will NOT touch this dog!” That’s when the black panther emerged from the woods, also licking its lips and walking toward me and Pi.

I awoke suddenly.

The dream was so powerful I knew I needed to pay attention to it. I decided to pack the canister of insect spray I kept in the van to “mace” possible intruders. My adult son called me on the phone; I told him of my dream.

“You know cats in a dream like that represent danger, don’t you Mom?”

“I did have the idea. I decided to take my spray with me,” I told him. It wasn’t enough for him. Exploring with me, he asked me the address of my Airbnb reservation.

“Mom, you do realize your reservation is in THE part of San Diego that has the highest crime rate, don’t you? On Halloween!” I did not. “Mom, I think you should cancel your reservation there.”

I knew he was right. I decided to cancel but then didn’t know where Pi and I would stay while attending the conference. I believe things would all work out.


Throwing myself on the mercy of the Universe, I asked, “Please help me with this,” and canceled the Airbnb reservation. Visiting the hotel’s website, I discovered dogs were welcome! I hunted down the communications link set up for the attendees. “Sorry for the late notice. My little dog and I need to share a room with someone, please.” I gave my email and phone number. No less than four people contacted me to welcome us as roommates! Pi and I picked a lovely woman psychologist, an alum of my own alma mater, and a world expert on bullying. I set up doggy daycare for Pi and packed my bags.

It was a few days before I realized what had just occurred. With no actual proof, something could have gone wrong. The dream and the immediate and insistent help from my son told me I had averted a tragedy, either something happening to me or Pi or both. I felt very grateful!

It was a few days later that I realized the Universe had not allowed me to make a mistake!

The message I received through my dream needed attention, interpretation, listening, and response, yet it quickly led me to a safer plan. Pi and I made a new friend, kept safe, and had a wonderful experience in San Diego.  

Consider this:

If we allow it, the Universe will help us live our lives without making unnecessary mistakes!

All we need to do is

  1. Listen attentively to the whispers and messages
  2. Ask for help
  3. Accept help
  4. Be willing to make changes
  5. Enjoy our gratitude-filled life

    Have a wonderful day,

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