How to Live a Life of Magic & Miracles

Manifesting your desires and living a magical life filled with miracles is your birthright. 

You are a spiritual being in a human body. What your soul desires and what your ego wants is often confusing to sort through. 

You probably want lots of things, however, there is an energetic distinction between what your soul desires and what your ego wants. The desires that come from your soul are the ones you can easily manifest. The wants, needs, and must-haves that get stirred up from your ego, can also manifest. However, more than likely those manifestations will not be what you were expecting, nor will they likely bring you lasting joy.

When you connect within, listen to and follow your inner guidance towards creating a reality you love, you will manifest your soul’s desires. 

Vibrational frequency and manifestation

One way that we teach our students to create their soul’s desires is by meeting their divine self, in the higher realms. When you can energetically connect with your divine self and then bring that high vibrational energy into your NOW reality you will be able to manifest your desires from that new energetic point of attraction. Then what manifests into your reality is always for your highest and best good. 

To live a life of magic and miracles you must first become aware of your current, vibrational frequency and way of being. Often, we hear people say they want this or that but then notice their energy spiraling down when they begin thinking and wondering how will “that” ever happen?

Here’s an example, let’s say the “that” is vacationing at an amazing, tropical resort. 

You are optimistic and excited to manifest this vacation. So, you decide to create a vision board. You start looking for gorgeous pictures and you imagine yourself walking on the soft, warm sand with a tropical drink in hand. You can smell the salt of the ocean and you are enjoying the island music dancing through the air. Your energy explodes with excitement. 

A few minutes later, you get a call and start chatting with your friend. You begin sharing your vision and your friend starts talking negatively about your desire to take this vacation naming all the reasons why you shouldn’t go or why you may not be able to. When you hang up, you feel completely deflated.

So, for years you look at your vision board only to be reminded that your desires have not manifested. 

Master your energy

Most people create vision boards, but they have not yet mastered their energy. So, they continue to struggle to manifest their desires.

Right now, think of a “big” desire that you really want but have not yet manifested. Now, go within and ask yourself, “Is this a soul desire or an ego want?”

If it is an ego want, then your “job” is to let it go. Surrender to allow the quiet voice of your higher self to whisper the desire that is for your highest and best good. Once you let go of what your ego wants you will be creating energetic space for your soul’s desires to manifest into your reality.

Other reasons you may struggle to manifest your soul’s desires is because of your own negative thoughts. Such as doubts, fears, false and limiting beliefs, and a lack mentality. Plus, you can pick up on negativity from other people, places, and things.

When you learn to shift into higher frequencies, and you connect with your divine self, your guides, angels, God, (The Divine/Source/Spirit) you will rise above those lower-level, negative energies that have been pulling you down. 

You may be wondering, what will happen if I continue to desire from my current level of consciousness? Unfortunately, since you have not mastered your energy, you will continue to feel stuck and experience ongoing frustrations when you are unable to manifest the outcomes you desire.

When you master your energy, and you are able to keep your frequency high, that is when you will begin creating a life filled with magic and miracles.

The most important skill you can learn to create next-level manifestations is to master your energy so you can transform your reality. If you want to live a fulfilling life and help others do the same so that together, you can spread more Love & Light into this world, it must start with you.

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