How to Make Soulful Decisions

3 Energy Tools for Your Business & Life

How does a spirit-led, female entrepreneur make decisions when she is feeling unclear, not focused, and out of alignment?

Chances are she will struggle with choosing what would be the best next step for her business or life.

Not Making a Decision Will Leave You Feeling Disempowered

Unfortunately, not being able to decide can lead to negative thinking which creates lower vibrational frequencies. Being unclear sends out chaotic energy. This energy will keep you spinning and looping. Most refer to this as feeling stuck. 

In this blog post, we are offering three energy tools to assist you in making the best decisions to manifest the best possible outcome for your soulful business and life.

Tool #1

When you are faced with an opportunity or a situation arises where you have to choose between two or more options ask yourself, “Is this “thing” or opportunity going to bring me closer to, or further away from my desired outcome?” 

After you ask yourself that question, go within and see how it feels in your body. Think of the first choice, we’ll refer to as “A.” How does that choice feel? Does your body feel heavy or light when you think about it? Do you feel contracted or expansive? You may get many reactions including a yucky feeling in the pit of your stomach, a lump in your throat, or other energetic reactions. Listen for any messages from your inner guidance. 

Now think of the other choice, we’ll refer to as choice “B.” How does that choice feel? Does it feel heavy or light? Do you feel contracted or expansive when you think of it?

Side Note  

When you first begin to tap into your intuition to assist you in decision making it is not always easy to trust the guidance you are getting. Sometimes you may choose to override your intuition even if it feels heavy. Why would you do that? In one word, ego. Basically, we want what we want. Bottom line is we ask, we receive the guidance, but we don’t always listen or make the right choices. It takes practice to be able to surrender to the subtle and gentle voice of our higher self. 

Bonus Tip  

To strengthen your intuitive “muscle” and the trusting of your inner guidance, practice with small decisions, that way if you follow your ego instead of your higher self, the consequences won’t be so bad. 

Here is an example, let’s say you are going someplace in your car, and you begin noticing a feeling, a.k.a. your inner guidance, like you should turn right but you decide to go left. Notice how it felt in your body even though you turned left. That is the feeling that you want to follow.

Tool #2

Here is another energy method you can use to help you when you are faced with two opportunities or choices, but you don’t know which one to choose.

Hold out both of your hands, elbows resting against your body, and your palms are facing up. Close your eyes. In your right hand, use your imagination and create a bubble of light and fill it with option one. The more details you put into this energetic bubble the better. See yourself living out that choice. 

Then create another bubble of light in your left hand and fill it with option two. Again, really imagine what it would feel like if you chose that option.

Then sit quietly, with your eyes still closed, notice which hand feels lighter and which one feels heavier.

Sometimes the lighter hand will rise, and the heavy hand will lower itself. Go with the choice that’s in the lighter bubble.

Tool #3

You may have heard of muscle testing, we call this, energy testing, because it has nothing to do with your strength. If you know how to use your body as a pendulum, then you can ask yourself questions.

First, clear your energy, then ask yourself would option “A” (state what that option is in detail), be for my highest and best good? Wait for an answer. If your body moves forward, that is a yes answer. If your body moves back, that is a no answer.

Clear your energy again and ask yourself if I choose option “B” (stating that in detail), would that be for my highest and best good? And wait for the answer.

We invite you to try all of these manifesting energy tools to discover which ones you like best! You can use all of them if you’d like. 


Even if you are a “pro’s” and “con’s” list maker when you are faced with a decision, you can still implement these energy tools to assist you in making a choice that will be for your best and highest good. 

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~ Donna & Lisa

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