How to Win the Lottery?

How to Win the Lottery? by Erika Laszlo #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Lottery

How to Win the Lottery? by Erika Laszlo #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Lottery

Money Issues We All Have: How to Win the Lottery? Part 3 of a 3-part blog series. Late joining? Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2!

You can read this article in about 5 minutes. I wonder if you want to spend this much time to find out how to win the lottery? If you don’t, what message do you think you’re sending to the Universe?

I am often asked by my clients to clear their blocks so they can win the lottery. I gladly do it because I know it will help them be clear on what they really want. So, we focus on transformation using my proprietary method in order to enable them to achieve it.

We transform fear-based feelings (along with other things in the subconscious) to eliminate the blocks. For example, one of the blocks can be what we call the “financial ceiling” that you bring from your family history, which may not allow you to be better off than your predecessors were.

Is it possible to visualize and create the lottery prize?

Considering that you are the creator of your life, creating the lottery prize is possible the same way as attracting a partner, finding a good job, or being blessed with a long-awaited child. The Universe and the energy field does not care about what you want to create for yourself. All you need to do is take yourself to the vibration of the desired thing.

To achieve this, typically, it would be enough to have the pure imagination without the energy of craving. My chart system often show that the individual’s level of consciousness is related to the desired thing at the level of craving. When you are at that level you can only create more craving rather than money, having a child, or winning a lottery prize.

I know you are asking the question, “then how do I imagine winning the lottery?”

Many people say, “I don’t know how to imagine it, visualization does not work for me, I can’t see anything when I meditate, especially not the lottery prize!”

Yet, to imagine the lottery prize is really simple!

Watch the children when they imagine themselves in a playful situation. For example, what do they do when they play “mommy and daddy?” They talk at a tone and say things like mommy and daddy do, they behave as they do, and show the same feelings they do.

I’m sure you have seen little kids pretending to drive a car, they make a buzzing sound, make a turn with their body, make a squeaky noise when stopping. Correct? They don’t have a car (not even a driver’s license); still, they are fully immersed in the experience of driving. You can do the same thing, connect with your inner child who likes to play roles, likes to win, and can imagine anything.


You are driving through a beautiful countryside, passing by mountains and valleys, the sky is blue, the sun is shining. How wonderful it feels to hold the steering wheel of your new car! (Just like a lottery prize!) You can feel the smooth touch of the leather, you really like the layout and the color of the dashboard, and it is so nice to sit in this seat! It is awesome how smoothly and fast this car is going, and as you open the window, you can feel the pleasant cool summer breeze.

By simply reading these lines, you can imagine it in a moment, and you can feel yourself sitting in the car even if you have no car and never had one or even if you can’t imagine ever having one. You’ve been able to imagine it, haven’t you?

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It isn’t any different with the lottery!

You can also imagine a wonderful life with the partner of your dreams. He or she is kind, caring, they would hug you and give you a kiss when you get home, asking how your day was. How lucky you two are to be together, loving each other, living in a nice home! (My husband is much better than a lottery prize, I would never replace him for that!)

You were able to imagine this, too, weren’t you?

When you read something or watch something, you get immersed in the story as if it was happening to you. Your body reacts to what you see or read and creates the same feelings in you as what the characters have.

So, when you watch a drama, you will be filled with dramatic, sad, depressing feelings. This takes you very far from the vibrations of the lottery prize where there is enormous happiness. If you watch horror movies, you will be filled with fear and terror; and if you watch a happy romantic movie, you will be filled with love, joy, and positive emotions (close to the vibrations of the lottery).

How do you “feed” your mind so it is full of lottery prizes?

As you read above, you can imagine yourself in any situation. So, make your brain imagine winning the lottery!

It is scientifically proven that the brain makes no difference between imagination and reality, therefore, if you imagine that you have won the lottery (with all kinds of good feelings, and no craving) then to you (your brain), the lottery prize will become reality.

By imagining the feelings that we relate to winning the lottery, happiness, gratitude, and security, you tune yourself to high vibration energy levels.

Whether you win the lottery or not you will definitely feel better and attract things in your life that will make you feel like you won the lottery.

I wish you to create what you really want!

With love and gratitude,

– Erika

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