How to Use the Power of Amethyst

How to Use the Power of Amethyst by Kelly St. Claire #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Crystals #Amethyst

Amethyst was my first crystal.

I loved its rich purple color and the feel of it in my hands. Since it was my very first crystal you could say it was my personal gateway crystal. This was before I knew the role crystals would play in my life.

What was your first crystal? Many people are attracted to Amethyst first. It’s easy to find, powerful, inexpensive and has so many gifts to bring. 

Meditative and calming 

Placed in your sacred meditation space, Amethyst helps you drop into deep meditative states and helps your mind to focus on the present moment. Using an Amethyst, you’ll be whisked away into a serene mental space and better able to interpret the messages you receive. 

Psychic development 

Meditate while holding amethyst to your third eye. It is great at opening you up to psychic abilities. Intuition is enhanced and you’ll develop the way you receive intuitive input. 


I experience muscle relaxation using Amethyst. It helps keep me from tensing up or engaging with a stressful event. I love combining Amethyst with Lavender Oil; whether it’s as a massage oil to loosen tight muscles, or being used in an essential oil diffuser. 

Sleep and Dreaming 

Amethyst helps you to experience your dreams in a vivid way and it enhances the symbolic meanings communicated to you through your dreams. When I sleep with Amethyst by my bed or under my pillow, I usually have meaningful dreams and remember them easier. 

Beautify your space

Charge and beautify your space with a big Amethyst tower, or try a pretty bowl with a collection of the calming purple crystal. Amethyst is especially great in the bedroom as it helps with both tension and dreaming. Create a nice atmosphere. I love Amethyst on my bedside table, within arm’s reach. 

Protect your energy

Amethyst is an effective crystal for protection against everything from psychic attack, ill will from others and even geopathic or electromagnetic stress. Carry it in your pocket, place one in a bath filled with other protective elements like the essential oils of Frankincense, Sage or Lavender. 

Face your addictions

Amethyst specifically helps you to deal with addictions of all kinds. It’s a great ally for food addictions, drug or alcohol addictions, or even a shopping addiction. Meditate on your addictive tendencies with Amethyst and carry it with you or try building a crystal grid.

Amethyst is a powerhouse crystal with many gifts for us. Have you tried working with Amethyst? Please share your experiences with Amethyst in the comments section below!

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– Kelly

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