How Do You Value Yourself?

How Do You Value Yourself? by Daya Jaggers #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #SelfWorth #Value

How you value yourself is your level of self-worth, let’s bring this to the frontline.

Value and self-worth are interchangeable terms. Ask yourself, “How often do I think or talk about what I value about myself?” All those subtle qualities of yours, the kinds of qualities, that deep down maybe only you know and hide away, unless you have very special dear friends, who really see you.

I wonder, do you have any idea of just how unique and specialized all these qualities of yours are? They are extremely special because they are what make you uniquely you, they are part of what makes this world a better place for all of us!

Sadly, neglecting our truest, unique values and hiding them because we think that there are so many better ways of being that matter much more in the world. For instance, degrees and certifications we strive to obtain, our income level, our status, etc.

The reality is, by not putting a value on your unique self, you actually tattoo disempowerment onto your identity.

It shrinks you into a bundle of negative feelings. The feelings of being of no benefit, being unseen, and unheard becomes a disempowered way of living. From this place of personal disempowerment, you create more self-defeat, falling deeper into the space of low self-worth. You feel miserable each day and unclear as to what the culprit truly is.

Are you struggling in the patterning of disempowerment? Shared below is a supportive and helpful daily exercise:

  • EACH DAY take half an hour to go into NATURE. Whether it be the park during your lunch or after work. Go on a walk through a quiet, tree-lined neighborhood, or hang out in your own backyard.
  • Get really comfortable, make sure there are NO distractions, no phone, etc. Have pen and paper with you.
  • As you begin to unwind quietly ask yourself, “What are my unique, heart-centered and innate gifts?”
  • Then LISTEN, they will slowly pop into your thoughts.
  • BE ATTENTIVE, write them all down. Keep this paper under your pillow.
  • Read them over EVERY NIGHT, at least three times before you sleep.

Remember the incredible VALUE that is uniquely you!

Like the sap flowing within the tree, it’s your lifeblood. We require S.A.P. (Self-care/Assertiveness/Positivity). It needs to be our lifeblood!

We have every opportunity to create new patterns and form healthy habits that support us in our personal self-fulfillment; By taking up the challenge of changing our inner dialog and by disconnecting from the negativity that can be the mind’s constant ramblings.

And the question is, how do we begin to tackle this difficult task?


First, notice and catch on to your negative inner dialog and self-talk. This is one of many very important reasons to seek out personal coaching, another is support and knowledge. There are tools and shortcuts so to speak, ways to move quickly and effectively through many of the unknown areas of your inner territory, your complicated complex mind.

Second, put into place the beginnings of replacing the negatives with neutrality, ultimately moving into heightened constant positive ways of viewing all your life situations no matter how tough things seem to be.


– Daya

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