How Hypnotherapy Can Release Anxiety and Stress

It was back in the 1700s when the first research about hypnosis (originally termed as animal magnetism) was set in motion by Franz Anton Mesmer.

However, it wasn’t until 1958 when the American Medical Association (or AMA) acknowledged hypnotherapy’s validity as a very useful healing procedure.

Fast forward to today, hypnotherapy, has been one of the tried and tested ‘tools’ for stopping smoking, alleviating pain and physical conditions like asthma and IBS, and those are just to name a few. And just recently, another discovery has been made concerning new uses of hypnotherapy… that of relieving and releasing anxiety and stress.

If you are someone who tends to stress out for no apparent reason when talking to strangers or stutter a lot when speaking in public, this may be just the ‘remedy’ you need.

How to Release Anxiety and Stress Through Hypnotherapy:

The events and experiences we undergo are linked to physical and emotional reactions.

– Unknown

This is the premise of hypnotherapy. When we experience the same events once again, the physical reactions and emotions we have subconsciously linked to it (regardless if it’s healthy or not) are brought back to the surface, triggered and reactivated.

Here is a simple example: Let’s say someone just had a traumatic public speaking experience. Perhaps, in the middle of her speech, she forgot her lines. She felt lost… she panicked in front of many people. Such a person is very likely to experience the negative/unhealthy emotions when speaking again in public or shaking hands with other people. Her subconscious has linked public speaking to panic and confusion.

Using the simple example above, the goal of hypnotherapy is to break that link to separate the traumatic public speaking experience from the negative emotions she came to associate with it. Furthermore, during these hypnotherapy sessions, the therapist might even give post hypnotic suggestions that will allow the subject to relax whenever she wants.

What Happens in A Hypnotherapy Session?

Before a therapist starts a hypnotherapy session, she will first discuss your medical history – reviewing and discussing the problems with you, while providing you with a simple overview of how the process works.

Just in case you are worried, the goal of hypnotherapy is NOT to make you run around the room like a chicken or do weird stuff. That is stage hypnosis. What hypnotherapy does is to have you enter an altered state of consciousness.

Known as trance or hypnotic state, people in this different level of consciousness experience extreme relaxation, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, as well as significant changes in brainwaves.

But more importantly, while in trance or hypnotic state, you will be highly responsive to suggestions. These suggestions can be direct or multi-layered. In most hypnotherapy sessions that deal with stress and anxiety, the latter has been found to work a lot better than the former.

These suggestions – its delivery and structure, will serve as the main tool of the hypnotherapist in breaking down the negative associations and anchors to social events and interactions you have unknowingly made.

At the end of every session, the hypnotherapist will bring you back to alertness and will discuss and reflect on the experience with you.

No pills, no pain, so if that sounds like a great way to finally get rid of stress and anxiety, maybe it is time for you to give hypnotherapy a try.

You deserve to feel calm and at peace!

– Moira

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