I Felt My Heart Move

I Felt My Heart Move By Helena Kalivoda  #WUVIP #HappyHolidays #TheWellnessUniverse #MakeADifference #PayItForward

“I felt my heart move and was surprised at the feeling of a relief wafting over me after the message came through.”

This year, I have felt weighted down by the real and imagined responsibilities and expectations around the fast approaching holiday season. It all shifted one evening when I sat down to write. I intercepted a short message in which my spiritual messengers addressed my feelings about the upcoming Christmas season.

The message first paraphrased my feelings, then it showed a new view where the perception changed from ‘me’ to ‘us.” Here it is:

“Dutifully working on the joys of preparing Christmas is not my idea of Christmas. I am impervious to keeping all joyful.” 

“Dear Helena, delete the above and replace it with: I am so joyous about the coming Christmas season. I am looking forward to seeing the joy on everybody’s face. I am thrilled and inspired to make it the best Christmas ever, for everybody. Do you feel the difference? Make the second statement your Christmas motto! Namaste and be well. Good night.”

I felt my heart move and was surprised at the feeling of a relief wafting over me after the message came through. The change was instant. My energy went from heavy to a lighter, higher vibration. I realized how easy it was to change my thoughts and feelings!

There was another realization I had. I have willingly imposed on myself a gloomy, taxing outlook, worrying about extra work, while knowing I would look after it anyway. Why make the season harder on me instead of accomplishing the same tasks faster and easier with joyful anticipation and warm-hearted feeling of gifting good times to those I love?

I believe I have received the message because I was ready to truly hear it and change how I felt. After the message had come through, I looked up and with a genuine feeling of appreciation and with a smile, said: “Thank you. Thank you for reminding me how simple it is to switch from being frustrated to feeling joyful and on purpose.”

Wishing you all a very merry, unhurried, and peaceful Christmas!