Identify and Tame the Crazy Voice in Your Head

Identify and Tame the Crazy Voice in Your Head by Moira Hutchison #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CrazyVoice

Identify and Tame the Crazy Voice in Your Head by Moira Hutchison #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CrazyVoice

Exercise Part 1: Identifying the crazy-making inner voice:

Take a piece of paper and divide the page in half by drawing a line down the middle from top to bottom. On the left side of the page, record any negative thoughts that you have had toward yourself recently (i.e., I am so lazy of late). Now on the right side of the page, translate these same statements into the second person (i.e., You are so lazy of late)

Read over the negative statements on the right; it is best if you read them out loud. Do you get the feeling that someone else is talking to you? Do you detect an unfriendly tone? One that is snide, sarcastic or hostile?

Do these negative statements trigger more attacks? If so, write them down too, but be sure to write them in the second person on the right side of the page. How do you feel hearing these attacks?

Exercise Part 2: Separating from the crazy-making inner voice:

Take another piece of paper and place it along the right side of the first one. On this new page, next to each verbal attack, try to express a realistic and impartial view of yourself, your qualities, and your reactions.

What would a compassionate friend or an objective observer say or see about the voice attack? Make sure to state this point of view in the first person (“I” statements).

This is not meant to be an exercise where you bolster yourself up with self-affirming proclamations, but rather where you view yourself with an objective and kind attitude. See yourself through your own eyes, as you truly are, not distorted by the filter of the crazy voice in your head.

It is advisable to take time regularly to investigate your critical inner voice attacks. Follow up with this exercise, by writing down your specific self-hating thoughts, always in the second person, and responding to them with a rational, more compassionate and realistic point of view, written in the first person.

Here are some things you can do to tame the crazy voice:
  1. Listen to what the voice is saying (You’re not prepared. You’re going to forget what to say or do. You’re going to get it wrong, etc.)
  2. Confidently (aloud or in your mind) say the opposite of what the crazy voice in your head is saying (I am prepared and capable of this. I am going to rock this!). Even if you aren’t completely sure, say it anyway. It will quiet that voice!
  3. Create a mental picture of how you will look and feel during the performance of the task at hand.
  4. Visualize and feel the sense of accomplishment you will feel when it is completed.

Being prepared for the voice will create a distraction while having some easy mantras to say will create a positive and empowering voice to listen to. So, bring on the crazy-makers and do your stuff anyway!

– Moira

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