The Importance of Healing Old Wounds

The Importance of Healing Old Wounds by Heather Corinne Lang #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP WUWorldChanger #Healing #Wounds

We have all read the phrase “You are rubbing salt into an old wound.”

My question is why are you still carrying that wound? Why is that wound still open to feel as if someone else or something else is rubbing salt into it, causing more pain? Why is that wound still festering? Why is it still pestering you?

If you have a physical wound, you take care of it and help it heal.

You may put essential oils on it, an ointment, or perhaps a band-aid, as you don’t want it to fester, or in other words, become infected. So, if you have a wound of the heart or some other non-physical wound, why aren’t you taking care of it? Why aren’t you working on healing it? Why are you continually allowing it to fester and pester you?

Whether the non-physical wound is from yesterday, last month, last year, many years, or lifetimes ago, by not taking care of it and helping it heal, it is still affecting you. If a loved one died, and all these years later you are still hurting, would your loved one want that? It’s important to note, you aren’t letting go of the loved one, just the painful wounds. If you are still hurting over a break-up, how is that hindering you from finding your love? If you are hurting from being bullied, attacked, harmed, or shamed, why are you not helping yourself to heal from that?

If something affects you so much that you feel defensive, or hurt again, it is an indication of something that needs healing. If you feel judged in some way, that is also a clue. If you feel embarrassed, ashamed, or guilty, it is another sign that something needs to be addressed and healed. Remember, we are all mirrors for each other. If we like something in someone, it is because it exists within us, even if we don’t see it. And the reverse is true, as well. If we do not like something in someone else, it’s because it is reflecting something within us we do not like. Look to your emotions, as our emotions can tell us quite a bit of what we need to focus on healing within ourselves.

Some people are carrying around wounds and lash out when they perceive someone else is causing them harm.

It’s not the other person causing the harm. If you think it’s the other person, you are giving them way too much power. It is giving your personal power away. Your feelings are under your control, not someone else’s. Your feelings matter, and if you believe this, tend to them and don’t give your power away. Claim it back and use your power to work for you. Examples are children who are bullied, who then bully others. Instead of lashing out, consider why you are feeling that way. Perhaps it’s your emotions signaling to you that it’s time to take action to release those old patterns and replace them with new ones.

Sometimes we believe we have moved on, only to find old feelings resurfacing. This means you haven’t fully released and healed from that relationship or incident. It’s time to take another look at yourself and determine why you are still feeling this way. Releasing can be done with intent. You can write it down and burn it, tear it up, or throw it away. Some people like to imagine fire and putting those old thoughts into it. Fire is transformative. The Phoenix rises because the old was burned away.

I’ve worked through both physical and non-physical wounds. Some were festering wounds some I didn’t even know I had! More come up as I continue on my healing journey, as that’s what a healing journey is about. I am choosing to heal all my old wounds. In so doing, I gain insight, wisdom, and a different understanding and perspective of my world. This process of healing is meant to bring up old wounds so they can be healed and stop festering and creating infections. In this sense, the infections are old thoughts, feelings, and opinions that need to be released to help you move through the old experience without being affected, as the wound heals. They are old programs and patterns of behavior that no longer serve us so we can move forward into the world and life we are meant to live and the dreams we have of doing what we love to do.

This doesn’t mean the experience didn’t happen.

It means that you can release the painful aspects and move on with peace by using forgiveness for the other person and yourself. Remembering, forgiveness is not agreeing with the other person, it’s about bringing you peace by accepting what happened, learning how it affects you, and releasing it so it doesn’t continue to affect you in the future. It’s getting rid of those pestering issues, so the salt no longer stings.

Energy work, like Reiki or Akashic Records sessions, and other modalities, such as counseling or working with life coaches, can help immensely in this process. Many of us have come to this plane of existence to heal ourselves, and the world at large, to help change old belief systems and create more peace, love, and joy within ourselves so we can radiate that type of energy to others, to set an example that they, too, can release and heal.

Healing is about many layers accumulated over your lifetime and previous lifetimes.

It is being open to changing your mindset, your perspective, and your belief system. It’s learning your inner truth and allowing your inner light and authenticity to shine brightly. It is the willingness to let go of aspects of ourselves that we no longer need. All of this allows us to love our self even more because we see our own inner light.

Let’s all start loving ourselves more fully!

– Heather

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