Is Your Inner Child Pulling You? Part 1

Is Your Inner Child Pulling You? Part 1 by Todd Le Bouef #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #InnerChild

Is Your Inner Child Pulling You? Part 1 by Todd Le Bouef #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #InnerChild

Approach the day with childlike wonder and you’ll see the world a bit differently. – Emerge Positive

As we have grown up into adulthood, we have lost connection with our inner child for various reasons such as social conditioning, limiting beliefs, bullying, etc.

Being adults, we have so many responsibilities and live such a busy life that we have forgotten our inner child. Take a few moments and reminisce back to when you were a small child. As you do this, try to recall your childlike innocence.

When you were a child you had no fears; no judgments; no trust issues, etc.

We were pure unconditional love and had the sense of wonderment every day, to explore and feed our innocent curiosities. Perhaps you remember walking and balancing yourself on train tracks, the feeling of having no fear; the freedom of walking the rails.

The tracks seemed to go on infinitely. Which, in a child’s eyes, would spark a daydream of wonder that life was endless. Jumping off the tracks as you heard the train from behind you blowing its whistle was such an exciting thriller. As the train was whizzing by, you would stand far away, motioning with your arm for the conductor to sound the whistle. When he did, you would jump up and down laughing with excitement.

Everyday experiences were fun days whether we were exploring in the backyard with our friends, playing with our toys, playing with our friends or walking the train tracks.

So, while you are sitting here reminiscing, what childhood memory triggered that wonderment?

As we reminisce about some of our happiest childhood memories, we can bring forth those triggered memories by bridging our inner child to our adult selves.

Once again, we can have that sense of wonderment and fun every day. The keyword here is FUN!

You see, we’ve always had the inner child within us. We allowed things like social conditioning, limiting beliefs, and bullying to take away that power. Now it is time to reclaim your inner child and our power.

Initiate and reclaim the power of your Inner Child… Write a letter to your Inner Child…

If you feel that you have neglected your inner child, write a letter of apology to repair the connection with your youthful self. It can also be a simple letter expressing the desire to strengthen your relationship.

Depending on the type of inner child you have, tailor your letter to reassure your little one whether they are fearful or playful. If he or she is fearful of being abandoned, let them know that you will do your best to be there. If they are playful, let them know that you honor that playfulness. You can write in your letter that you will try to balance walking on the curb of the sidewalk the next time you go to the store.

What will you do to honor your inner child in that playful space?

Create and nurture an open and safe space…

You have to understand that your inner child is vulnerable and may need a safe space in order to show itself. For various reasons, you have hidden or denied the inner child in you. To allow your inner child to come through, nurture and affirm him/her to gain their trust.

Tell your inner child that you would like to know more about them; that you will always be available to talk and that you want them to feel safe.

What you are doing is consciously accessing another part of yourself and your subconscious mind. Creating a dialog is an important initiative for having a fun relationship with your inner child.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series next week!

– Todd

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