Insights and Inspirations: Feeling Validated

Insights and Inspirations: Feeling Validated by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #Validated

Insights and Inspirations: Feeling Validated by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #Validated

Feeling validated. It’s a topic that might make some feel uncomfortable, however, we all need a little pat on the back from time to time.

It helps us, encourages us and lets us know what we are doing is making a difference. Needing a bit of validation occasionally is ok and healthy. Validation comes in all forms. Even something as simple as a hug is validating.

We asked some experts, our WU World-Changers, to share with us “What makes you feel validated?” Read what Insights and Inspirations on Feeling Validated they had to share.

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Heather Corinne Lang

Reiki Master, Akashic Records & Tarot Card Reader, Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Medium

I feel validated in many ways. I feel validated when I’m asked for my opinions or suggestions and when I am questioned as to what I am doing to be “happy” or “healthy,” or whatever the person is inquiring about. I also feel validated when someone books an appointment with me, or someone is referred to me by another client. It is also validating to be included within a category or group which I respect or honor. It is validating to be included and loved by friends and family. It is about a sense of belonging and knowing others wish to have you around, value and respect your knowledge, experiences, and beliefs.

One of the greatest validations someone can give you is that you belong, are understood, and loved. We all wish to be seen, to be heard and to be included. We are all connected and we are all One, all while being unique and independent, and yes, different. I believe finding your soul tribe is validating. Soul tribes are more than friends or family but can also be friends and family. They are teachers, helpers, supporters, challengers, and validators. Soul tribes see, feel and speak in a similar fashion. They “get” you, accept you and love you, just for being you. One of my favorite soul tribe members was hugely validating to me. She encouraged me to become more than I am, to help me believe I am who I am, and to share with me her wisdom, as I share mine with hers. Yet, another soul tribe member was one of my greatest challenges, who taught me quite an interesting lesson about being able to validate ourselves. I no longer talk to this soul tribe member, but it was a great lesson and help to me. Therefore, validation is from others, while learning to validate yourself.

Ilene Dillon

Emotional Mastery for Life.

For me, validation is very much of an “inside game.” On a daily basis, I feel validated when I experience the on-going feeling of internal congruence. What I’m doing is what is right for me, fits my values and ethics, and is, therefore, allowing the pieces of my day to fall into place in an almost magical way. My intuition plays a very big role in this. Whenever something occurs, a challenge is presented, or something goes differently than I expect, I ask myself: “What is this about? What am I to learn from this? What is the best thing to do here?” I also ask for help. A response comes fairly immediately, especially when I talk out loud with myself! When I follow these answers, things turn out smoothly; and I feel very validated.

Another very important area for validation is when I am able to offer something I have learned to someone else who is experiencing a challenge or upset. When they use what I offer–especially when dealing with their emotional responses–and it works well for them, I feel immensely validated! This leads me to Gratitude. I am so very grateful to have had a lifetime in which I have learned how to work with what life throws at me (and others) in powerful, effective, and loving ways that actually work, both short-term and long-term. Overall, this means that the validation I experience really comes from being aligned with God/All-That-Is/The Universe; and I am grateful!

Lisa Meisels

Online Visibility and Impact Strategist.

What makes me feel validated?

As a high achiever and recovering people-pleaser, I spent a lifetime seeking validation from others. Sometimes I still feel like I need to be validated. Over the last 20 years, I’ve taken a deep dive into self-discovery and the meaning of life.  I have come to the realization that at all the answers I seek are already within me.  Everything I seek is within. Now, when I need to feel validated, I get quiet. I know that when I feel the need for validation, something is out of alignment. By going within, I am able to feel connected to my body and heart.  I navigate my life using the compass of joy.  When I am in joy, I am in alignment.  When I am in alignment, I don’t need outside validation. Instead, I feel validated when I am able to connect with the deep knowing that is within. This is available to all of us, at any time we choose.

Trilby Johnson

BSc. Psychology, Emotional Breakthrough Alchemist and Coach, Author, and Speaker.

Much of my earlier life I felt not only invisible but also persecuted. So, it wasn’t so much about validation but rather the right kind of validation… the kind that builds each person up. I spent many years soul searching and observing and studying relationships, communication, and the inner realms.

Today, my validation comes from my inner connection to Source and my validation comes from me expressing this out into the world. I used to really feel I needed others to validate me, whereas now my power is validated by and through my connection to myself.

I have a tender spot for all those that suffer and struggle, because I can relate to how that may feel and I am passionate about providing information, tools and education that will enable each individual to experience their very own unique blend of healing, alleviation of stress and emotional freedom. What validates me is how I have accomplished my journey from zero to hero, how I have gone to the edge, over and come back, by choice. I believe that my life’s experiences can contribute to others who also want to claim their inner hero and breakthrough into the lives we are actually here to live!

Karen Cherrett

Past Certified Facilitator of The Work and trained Holistic Counsellor.

I’ve been on the journey to shift what used to make me feel validated to where I am now. What used to make me feel validated was being noticed by people, or having them say ‘you did a great job\’, feeling a part of something. And somehow though that is what I sought I never really felt fulfilled.

Now, having spent many months doing self-inquiry and finding my inner self, what makes me feel validated is sitting in what I do as service.  Not wanting or needing anything from anyone else; noticing how pleased someone I work with is when they find their own inner wisdom, that ah-ha moment, for themselves. That’s true validation for me.

We hope you enjoyed this week\’s Insights and Inspirations on “What Makes You Feel Validated?”  Stay tuned for next week when we ask, “HOW DO YOU TAP INTO YOUR VULNERABILITY TO ACHIEVE YOUR DESIRES?”

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