Inspiration for December 3rd by Sandy Evans Pullin

Inspiration for December 3rd by Sandy Evans Pullin #TheWellnessUniverse #Inspiration

Pay it forward and create a ripple of love with the featured Inspiration for December 3rd by Sandy Evans Pullin via The Wellness Universe.

We Each have the Super Power to Create the ~ Ripple that Spreads Love ~ in the World!
Can one person\’s positive actions make a difference? I think so!
I still remember from back in my college days how encountering a fellow student who had attracted quite a crowd as he jammed to “Footloose” in the parking lot on a spring day during finals brightened my day and made me smile.  Now maybe we don\’t all have the talent or inspiration to dance in front of a large crowd, but we can each make a difference in our own way.
What do the following all have in common?
  • You\’re stuck and it looks like it may be sometime tomorrow before you can turn into traffic… and then someone motions you in.
  • You make it to the front of the line to order coffee and someone has already anonymously paid for it.
  • A customer service person with a pleasant attitude gives you exceptional service.
  • A stranger holds the door for you in a busy restaurant.
  • You hear someone softly humming, whistling a happy tune or laughing out loud.

These are all small acts that don\’t require a lot of effort, but they can cause a positive change in attitude for both the doer and the recipient!  By being the change you want to see in the world you create a ripple effect. Your kind gesture causes the recipient to feel good which influences them to do something nice for someone else… and it doesn\’t stop there.  It goes on and on as the current you started keeps flowing outward to more and more people creating a ripple effect much like the ripples a pebble creates when tossed into a pond.

Create your own ~ Love Ripples ~ today

Sandy ♥