Inspiration for January 16th by Jennifer Maki

Inspiration for January 16 by Jennifer Maki #TheWellnessUniverse  #WUVIP #FeaturedInspiration

Wishes for you to be loved beyond the point of madness from the featured Inspiration for January 16th by Jennifer Maki via The Wellness Universe.

We cannot go gently into love, truly, if we are to experience the breathtaking rise as it embraces us tenderly, madly, often unexpectedly.

We must, simply must, surrender and allow it to sweep us up and away to unimagined places. In this vulnerability, we can sometimes feel as though it all could break us, yes. But the alternative is a safety that is devoid of splendor.

We are here for such a fleeting time, designed to tap the elements of human nature, the world, all its liberations and failings, to experience it all … and ultimately amidst the daily adventure to remain connected to our divine self, so that we may see it all through the eyes of our extraordinary, higher self, through the eyes of God.

After a lifetime of riding love’s ebbs and flows, a man entered in who saw all of me and loved me because of, and in spite of, myself. He was somehow dazzled by my sparkle, undaunted by my drive and desire to perpetually expand and evolve in mind and heart and life.

And then I held my son, and then another, and the flood of love nearly swept me away to a place from which I could hardly return. I know fear now, as I’ve never known, to keep safe these tiny beings and feisty souls. I know madness, desire, and delight, as never before. So now the calling is to evolve in trust, to balance guidance with a knowing that these precious spirits I love so dearly are on their own unique, dynamic and fabulous adventure in this life and it is equally my role to surrender as to support.

I do wish you madness in love, with partners, children, strangers-come-friends, because in this you know it is real and precious, rare and powerful. But also, I wish you perspective and an ability to view it all from a place of wisdom, understanding, and faith, that who you are and what you share, the very love that binds you … is enough.

To your Xtraordinary Love that ultimately Changes the Game, so completely, it is the most important, heroic journey you will ever, could ever, embark on.

– j ♥