Inspiration for November 30th by Jacqueline Conroy

Inspiration for November 30th by Jacqueline Conroy #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Inspiration

Begin your healing journey and work towards making yourself whole again with the Inspiration for November 30th by Jacqueline Conroy.

“Healing is bringing all the pieces you left behind and making yourself whole again.” ~ Jacqueline

When you came into this life you were whole and complete. Your truth was integrous.

However, as a child, the adults in your life put their truth over yours. Careless words and actions made by people who if they knew better would do better and differently.

These created beliefs – in the corner beliefs that are hidden in the deep recesses of you. You spent your life until now looking for the evidence to validate those truths.

“You are … not pretty enough, not smart enough, not lovable.”

“You are not worth … time, love, care”

Something has changed and you are beginning to know that these in the corner beliefs are flawed. Where did they come from?

You were born and still are perfect. Each time you operate from these invalid beliefs you lose a piece of the beautifully unique and whole you that you were born to be.

It is time to give the truth of other’s back to them – with love. These are not your truth, these are not your beliefs.  


Jacqueline ♥