Inspiration of the Day by Heather Durling from Dec 2015

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Inspiration of the Day by Heather Durling from Dec 2015

For Today – Your Inner Child’s Needs are Important.  Honor Them.

~ Heather Durling

My youngest child is my greatest reminder for the fact that I need to honor my own inner child, as much I honor him.  He is very free-spirited, compassionate, kind, and can be extremely particular.   There are some things that he won’t bend on, being a 6-year-old.  He has established his boundaries and we try, as parents, to respect them.  This results in my son’s ability to navigate in the world outside of our home, confident that he has the right to have boundaries, as well as the right to be as creative, loving, and silly as he wants.  He is good in his own skin, which I am personally grateful for and admire.

One day, I asked myself,

Why do I not respect my own inner child’s needs and boundaries, in the same way I respect my children’s?

Personal observation and research showed, even in my own circles, that the large majority seems to feel this way.  We tend to shush our own personal little person that’s inside of us, giving excuses rich in adult reasoning and logic.  We ignore the pull to play, express ourselves, be wild and joyous in the moment, and adamantly saying “No!” with force and gusto.  However, when we start to actually listen and honor these parts of ourselves, we feel better as a whole.

Things seem to be coming around a bit, and I’m glad to see it.  People are doing bright and gorgeous colors in their hair (myself included), there are literally shelves of adult coloring books in the stores, physical activity is becoming more enjoyable,  like using a mini trampoline for a workout.   We seem to be waking up to the fact that time spent in play with our children and our families, both at home and on vacations, is so much more important that the material items that we can acquire.

For today, try to listen and honor your own inner child.  Recall what makes you feel happy, and be secure in knowing that your boundaries are okay to have.  We are all just kids at heart, and life is so much more enjoyable when we remember how to play again.




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