Inspiration of the Day by Jennifer Maki

Inspiration of the Day by Jennifer Maki #WUVIP #InspirationOfTheDay #IOTD

Inspiration of the Day by Jennifer Maki

A hero’s journey is not often one of ease and grace, but rather of stumbles and rude or surprising awakenings that impose a need for conjuring strength and courage, despite all odds. It is an adventure where pure passion is put to the test, our sanity called into question and, in this, one in which we must become comfortable with our madness. Today’s heroes may not defeat the archenemy or concoct a formula to save the world, but they are no less Xtraordinary in their efforts.

Heroes of the Now are those who:

  • See the exceptional when others see ordinary and are willing to work to form it
  • Find ways to love the unlovable, while never sacrificing their self-worth or being afraid to walk away (offering forgiveness even as they leave, with clarity AND kindness)
  • Seek out ways to offer of heart, in a word or deed, to those who deserve so much and to those who others deem unworthy
  • Believe in their visions of mind and callings of soul and no matter the odds or the labels or rolling of nay-sayers eyes, they keep on keeping on, and they …
  • Find tribes of fellow Xtraordinary Game-Changers who believe in limitless magnificence too …

Like this one, of wild WU creators and #WUVIPs at

The melody of gratitude spurs us forth, hope connects us at the core and we step in, time and time again to that Booth of transformation to Don that Cape of Possibility … because this, THIS is how we will Shift the World for WoW … One conscious, creative, loving Mission at a time!

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