Inspiring Quote for January 5th by Estelle Bonaceto

Inspiring Quote for January 5th by Estelle Bonaceto #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #InspiringQuote

Be reminded to make time to see the unseen and have your life forever changed with the Inspiring Quote for January 5th by Estelle Bonaceto. 

We reflect a lot on ourselves, our struggles, areas we need to heal – and rightfully so.
We devote time toward the betterment of our lives, self-healing, and aspirations. I believe in the basic goodness of all people and that most individuals have a genuine desire to alleviate, at least on some level, the suffering of others. However, what I have come to know from service working with individuals in need, is that many people for reasons of appearance, situation, past ‘wrong doing’, emotional instability or other outwardly undesirous qualities, are deemed by some, as less worthy of attention, assistance or even acknowledgment.
The Power Of Judgment
Take for example an individual who is homeless; depending on that individual’s presentation we may or may not have positive feelings about offering some change. How about a smile or a glance? Does that feel scary? In a few split seconds our minds assess, evaluate, judge and decide who that individual may or may not be. Our own physical or emotional safety may be put into question and our willingness to engage on any level possibly stifled for fear of the unknown. We may feel a sharp charge associated with the stigma attached to a certain individual. Quick judgments based on limited superficial data rarely lend itself toward accurate summation; yet still, it is a natural human response that occurs most often without thought. As a culture, we are subjected to a barrage of media that reaffirms any existing fears about certain types of people. After some time we can become conditioned to avoid the ‘undesirables’ to the point that many fail to be seen at all. Part of the scenery, blended into the background, or notably avoided because of their stigma.
Who Are They? They are you and me with a different covering. Each has a story, has the same core emotional capacity and the desire to be accepted and loved. All have potential, worthiness and value …
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