The Integration of Divine Feminine and Masculine Energy

The Integration of Divine Feminine and Masculine Energy by Irene Sonja Fanane #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Divine #Synergy #Feminine #Masculine #Energy

The Integration of Divine Feminine and Masculine Energy by Irene Sonja Fanane #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Divine #Synergy #Feminine #Masculine #Energy

Glory on high to Love!

2019 brings in the essence of romantic love and passion. The innate desire for love and partnership is deeply implanted in each man and woman. The compassionate universe hears the loud cry for soul-union uttered by a great majority of single men and women. Ascension to higher consciousness is clearing and healing past karmic issues around relationships to create the New Reality. There is nothing more exciting than a soul-union where both spiritually awakened partner has a common purpose.

This reality is part of the current integration of the divine feminine and masculine energy.

What are the divine feminine and masculine energy? Both men and women carry the same masculine and feminine characteristics, virtues, and wisdom in their self. Within both genders, the left side of the body relates to the feminine and the right side, the masculine. The common misconception is that divine masculine is inherent to the male population. But make no mistake, it is not! For the simple reason that the divine feminine is in no way a “women only” concept.

The synergy created by a balanced union of both divine energies within the self catalyzes the forces of creation into manifestation.

It is the highest, most inspiring, and truest expression of the higher self.

At this time in the history of humanity, whole systems are transitioning on a personal and planetary scale, affecting every aspect of life and relationship, as you know it. Patterns of possibility are emerging that have never before been available to all of earth’s people. Spiritual awareness is expanding with every new discovery. It is opening the heart chakra to transform life, heal old relationships, and bring in new ones. The innate desire for love and partnership is a very strong vibration deeply implanted in every man and woman. However, the love and marriage relationships between two imperfect humans have been challenging and very disappointing. The prevalence of male dominance, patriarchy, that exits all over the world has not helped much in this department, to say the least.

Spiritual awakening is balancing these power and control issues to heal and create a new reality.

Consequently, the divine masculine is going through a healing process and the feminine must surrender to that. At this time in a man-woman relationship, there is nothing a woman can say or do that will speed up the male spiritual transformation. It’s an individual journey that each will have to walk alone. The more a woman tries to help or impose certain demands, the more a man will push away. This can be very confusing in any relationship. However, even if the process is slow, it is important to trust it without judgment. In the interim, there are forces transcending human knowing that are bringing people together for healing and transformation.

Transformation, in both genders, is supported at the highest energy level by the “feminine” side of God.

This side of God was very visible in Jesus who approached the world with “feminine” sensitivity, compassion, and appreciation. On the other hand, the masculine side of God’s character was expressed by Jesus’ strong declarations of truth and pronouncements on morality. Jesus was the truest expression of the harmonized divine masculine and feminine in the self.

The divine feminine mother, priestess, goddess, and the divine masculine father, priest, God energy will not go away until the two energies are integrated within each individual and ushered into the heart of humanity. This is as important as the conscious awareness of oneness with mother-father God. This is the divine solution to all violence, war, aggression, and depression so prevalent on the planet. This is also the perfect time for men and women to start co-creating soul-union relationships.

The sky is the limit when each awakened partner has a common purpose to co-create a better future for all.

“There is also something on the brink of an evolutionary shift with the potential to alter the course of history. Millions of women around the world are feeling a calling to reclaim the divine feminine, and in so doing, to awaken the authentic power to co-create the future of your world.” Today’s News

– Irene Sonja

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