Inviting Positive Self-Talk Into Your Life

Roxana Jones

Few people in this world are truly conscious of the power their thoughts exert in the reality surrounding them. I would go even further to say that the majority find it very difficult to believe the world they see with their own eyes right now has been created by their own… inner talk. The following is a message of hope for all those who are feeling discouraged by any challenges they are facing right now. Please know that you can change it all as long as you are willing to work with discipline at changing the way you are talking internally to yourself.

You see, your inner talk is indispensable to materialize something in the outer world. And the important part to notice about this process is that you are constantly “chatting with yourself” and probably, in negative, sometimes not very constructive ways. Negative self-talk is the most common language your ego mind uses to keep you unchangeable in the space and time where you are right now. You see, your ego has a terrible phobia called Change. This is not to say that you should hate your ego back for that or be frustrated either. It is only to understand this mental mechanism, identify it and learn how to free yourself from it.

What could be a good description of negative self-talk so that it is clear that we all “suffer” from it, with no exceptions? Negative self-talk are the thoughts in the shape of critical, worrisome, and victimizing WORDS that demotivate and even depress us to the point where positive change is almost impossible to achieve.

We tend to assume that words are only created after we speak but we must also have present that our thoughts are made of words. This is why self-talk is called as such, because it is an internal dialogue happening between You and your ego, where your ego mind is selling you all type of false beliefs, to keep you wanting to stay stuck, not interested in growing and expanding.

In my own experience, this relation between my ego and me is what I consider to be THE most challenging life lesson I have experienced so far. During my weakest moments in my past, my ego was able to tell me so many horrible things about myself that one night I even considered taking my own life and committing suicide. My pain was unbearable… I believed every single negative word I heard in my mind, without even doubting them for a second. I was trapped in my own mental prison, completely disempowered and with not too many possibilities of awakening to the truth…

It took me many years before I could begin hearing my true voice. How did that happened? During my darkest nights of the soul, I asked for help, I asked my Higher Self to help me and help came as it always does. How did I know it wasn’t my ego again trying another of its tricks? My true voice was gentle, loving and unconditional. It communicated words without any judgment attached to them. For the first time, I was able to think outside my victim mentality. It was clear that my true voice supported my need of change so I could begin having a more positive life.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I want you to discover what took me so long to discover on my own. I want you to start right away differentiating between your true self and your ego self. This will be the only way that you will stop FEELING LESS THAN WHAT YOU TRULY ARE, and understand that there are no limits out there, only the ones your ego is selling you continuously through your negative self-talk.

Here are some few recommendations that helped me to control my negative self-talk:

    1. Practice staying focused on the thoughts that are going on in your head. Dedicate 10-15 minutes several times per day, to be the observer, not the thinker of your thoughts. Get a small notebook and try to write some of them down. Re-word your negative thoughts to make them into positive messages.
    2. Meditate every day. This will teach you how to quiet your mind so that you can start listening to your own voice, experiencing the difference between the ‘the quite voice’ and ‘the noisy voice’ as I call them.
    3. Humbly accept that your negative self-talk and protective ego will be with you as long as you are here on Earth. It is not about conquering or silencing the ego because that would be going against human nature itself. Simply become an observer, a loving and expert observer. As such, you will be able to understand, embrace this mental process WITHOUT HAVING TO BE AFFECTED BY IT and CHOOSE for yourself.After these three recommendations, your ego is going to try and make you believe something like “I don’t have time for this,” “Roxana might be right but I’m so tired of trying new things,” or even “that sounds impossible.” Do yourself a favor, go beyond all the excuses and justifications, begin practicing and trust the process.

If you want to live longer, happier and healthier; if you want to deal better with life’s challenges and stressful times; if you want to avoid depression and all kinds of physical and psychological illnesses; and last but not least, IF YOU WANT TO LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS, you will have to teach your ego and its negative talk what is like to live according to YOUR limits, those you are choosing as the sovereign being that you are, as you go along living your magnificent life.

I’ll be happy to answer any question or comment you might have about what you just read. By sharing this article, my intention is to connect with all those who understand that by healing themselves they are healing the world.