IOTD for April 21st by Jennifer Maki

IOTD for April 21st by Jennifer Maki #WUVIP #IOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

IOTD for April 21st by Jennifer Maki 

As I dive headlong into the writing, developing the manuscript for our upcoming book, I am in Awe.

Since the moment I felt called to deliver these messages from our lived experience, I have also felt a restlessness. And although I continue to empower those around me in the dreams they hold, (my infinite buzz), the relentless whisperings unanswered began to cause an undeniable ache.

So I shook things up, we shook things up as a family, to accept the desire, find the time and do the work.

Daily now, whether inspired or not, infused with creative genius or not, vibrating with ideas or not, I Show Up. And somehow, someway, most surprisingly the voice I heard all along that said, “Jenni, your job is just to show up. We’ll do the rest together” wasn’t joshin’ and delivers. The ideas are percolating and flowing, time passes without conscious knowing, and the keys cannot click fast enough to translate.
I think it’s good, this stuff that comes (I hope it’s good), but more importantly I hope it serves, simply serves to ignite within others the knowing that they are CAPEable, heroic, and no matter how raving mad we are, we are equal to the task of Xtraordinarily changing the game and shifting the world for WoW!

The power of our stories cannot be overemphasized. We have an obligation to out them, no matter the form they take. Play, write, dance, sing, paint, draw, design, contemplate, build, compose, program… whatever the medium, all the world needs of you is to Show Up and you will find the Universe conspiring with you to do the rest.

We do not have a moment to lose in living our Xtraordinary Game-Changing lives for us, for all. The game is afoot. Let us give way to the restlessness and take for the sign that it is, answer the call and begin … shall we?

– J

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