IOTD for August 18th by Gerry Straatemeier

IOTD for August 18th by Gerry Straatemeier #WUVIP #IOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Please take a moment to enjoy the IOTD for August 18th by Gerry Straatemeier and walk away feeling better and inspired! 

With Beauty as your touchstone, each day holds as many moments of joy as you desire.

Beauty in Nature, beauty in music and dance, beauty in art and photography, beauty in poetry and prose – appreciating beauty anywhere opens our hearts to Cosmic Love flowing freely through, bringing Peace and Joy along too.

Beauty lifts us above the everyday challenges of life – it has no agendas, makes no demands except a small amount of time and our undivided attention to soak it in. A gentle smile helps.

Beauty centers us in our sacred heart space in a nonverbal, senses-based way. It leaves no room for negativity – so it is a perfect PIVOT away from fear, anger, sadness, etc. It restores our faith that, despite everything, life is good.

I first discovered this way to “trick” my mind when I was living a chaotic life with an alcoholic husband and in Al-Anon. It was and is my go-to path to gratitude.

Looking for and appreciating Beauty is free – and it’s a central tool in my own “Happiness Toolbox.” Anyone can indulge as many times a day as they wish. And the thing is, the more we appreciate beauty, the more of we have to appreciate – it’s how life works. Whatever we deeply appreciate without attachment we get more of.

Beauty makes people feel happy and so they naturally want to share the beauty they find – which expands the field of beauty available to us all, especially in these days of the internet. What joy that so many people joyfully share the beauty they find via FB photography or YouTube videos – and lovely inspirational posters (thank you!)

Yes, I consciously seek out beauty as a daily touchstone for my inner peace and happiness and I highly recommend it as a daily “happiness practice.”

Color me happy and grateful!!!