IOTD for August 30th by Heather Durling

IOTD for August 30th by Heather Durling #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #IOTD

Please take a moment to enjoy the IOTD for August 30th by Heather Durling and walk away feeling better and inspired! 

“I am not the words that were said to me. I am what I say to myself.”

When I wrote this one out in my journal, it brought instant tears. I’m not surprised that they welled again as I created this poster. It can be very difficult to release all of the words that were said to hurt us and make us feel less than, in whatever way suited the speaker at the time.

Difficult, and needed.

The more we can reject and let go of the untruths, the more we are able to see the awesomeness in ourselves that was always there. The brightness of what makes us unique and brilliant. It’s there, warriors, and most likely that brightness is what made them say those awful, ugly things to dim you down. You were too bright for them.

Say the words to yourself that you deserve to hear. The ones you wanted to hear instead.

“You are such an awesome person.”
“You are so smart!”
“You are very kind and loving.”
“You are perfect just the way you are.”
“You matter in this world.”
“You are so very loved.”

Say them please, because they are all true. Even as the tears roll down your face, and the hitch grows in your throat, say them. Repeat what you need to hear until they no longer bring you pain, instead warming you up and making you smile.

If it seems impossible, trust that I understand that place 100% because I’ve been there. It may even feel like complete BS at first, and that’s okay too. The one thing you need to hear the most is the one that stings when you first say it out loud. Say it anyway, and say it to yourself as often as you can.

In time, I promise you that the tears and heart pain will fade, leading you to the place where you will begin to believe instead.

Love you all way past the sky,

– Heather