IOTD for February 6th by Jacqueline Conroy

IOTD for February 6th By Jacqueline Conroy #WUVIP #IOTD #TheWellnessUniverse #InspirationOfTheDay

IOTD for February 6th by Jacqueline Conroy

Freedom is having the choice to change!

Self-awareness brings with it the opportunities to make the changes we want in our lives. Without self-love and self-compassion we often are stuck in the fear of not being able to make the changes we want.
As we become more en-lightened we will see the layered fears and limiting beliefs that hold us stuck in the darkness.

When there is no light we cannot see what is in the darkness – we may even feel the hopelessness and despair of feeling like we are the darkness.

When a candle is lit in a room we see some shadowing things in the room. When we turn on a lamp in the room we will see what is in the room with more clarity. When we turn on an electric light or open the curtains and let the sunshine in we see everything in the room with clear recognition.

This metaphor represents our shadow self or the beliefs we hold about ourselves that we keep hidden in the dark corners. There are parts of our self that we would rather not to shine the light on.

It takes courage to embrace these parts of yourself. Be kind and gentle with yourself as you shine light on the dark room and in the hidden corners. Show yourself compassion as the whole of you becomes clear.
Do not turn away from what you don’t like because as long as you resist seeing clearly who you truly are the dark rooms and corners will persist.

You are courageous beautiful one. Embrace your vulnerability. Kick your shame gremlins to the curb. Love the whole and real you. You as much as all beings are worthy of the freedom to make the changes you choose.