IOTD for February 9th by Ashley Brewer

IOTD for February 9th by Ashley Brewer #IOTD #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #InspirationOfTheDay

IOTD for February 9th by Ashley Brewer

How do you get beyond self-doubt when it has been haunting you for as long as you can remember? You know, that negative voice in the back of your mind that is constantly reminding you that “You’re not good enough,” or “No one would be interested in hearing what you have to say” among a million other self-defeating statements that fly back and forth around in your thoughts. Does that sound familiar? I think all of us have experienced this voice at least a few times in our lives. For some of us though, it occurs daily and multiple times per day.

Where do these negative thoughts stem from? Truly, negative self-talk can occur due to a number of reasons. Oftentimes, those of us that hear these thoughts daily were probably repeatedly told things as children that would change the way we view ourselves into adulthood. In my own experience, I was told I “talked too much,” I was “too sensitive,” “awkward looking,” and above all, my truth was never validated by the ones who were supposed to love me. Coming from a split household and only having one parent in my life only complicated my inner feelings, and I grew from a confused child into an even more confused adult.

I came to a point where I desired to change this cycle that had been instilled in me, and I desired to be happy because I know every single person deserves to be. I looked around me and seen the ways people were happy and I craved that assurance too. Now, how to achieve it? The mind is a powerful tool and it has been proven that we can unlearn past behaviors that do not serve our greater good. We hear phrases such as “like attracts like.” “Think happy, be happy.” “Change your thoughts, change your world.” We must replace the negative talk with positive talk. Even if you don’t truly believe this at first, say it daily until you do.

I’m learning to love myself more and more each day, and I believe in my heart that I am worthy of all things good. The best part? I now get to build my own children’s self-esteem and validate their self-worth. A magical thing occurs when we inhale assurance and exhale doubt.