IOTD for July 19th by Jennifer Maki

IOTD for July 19th by Jennifer Maki #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #IOTD

Please take a moment to enjoy the IOTD for July 19th by Jennifer Maki and walk away feeling better and inspired!

Recently I came off a week of being completely unplugged, a total and complete hiatus from social media, and honed in on soulful connection with my sister, as a surprise for her birthday, and her family and then my own. In a world of ahhhhmazing opportunities for connecting, not only face-to-face but with kindred friends and biz colleagues across the globe, it is essential to not only dial out into the world but to tune-in from time-to-time to embrace:

– Silence, deep and reverent, without disturbance or distraction, completely present to the ebbs and flows of life around you

– Connection, with inner soul and guru and the words and gestures of loved ones, subtle and grand

– Conversation, probing, caring, asking, listening and tuning into the hopes, visions, dreams, and desires of those you love or are coming to know

– Truth, that hummmm of knowing and understanding that rides beneath the surface of our daily awareness, guiding, inspiring, fueling us toward what we long for and can take action for, when the time comes.

To leave and then return with joy, is to know what we have created in our world is what we desire above all else… and to know exactly what needs a tweak here or there to align.

Oh and gratitude comes flooding in too, now doesn’t it just? For me, gratitude for work that allows me to connect daily, and disconnect because of an awesome Wellness Universe team that supports fully, a client base that honors solo time as much as I, a husband who loves his connection with the boys and uses the time for fab fun, and friends who ‘get’ just how rejuvenating moments away can be for enriching time together.

In honor of YOUR XtraordinaryGameChanging adventure, flowing with solo and social time and Living your YES! Life.