IOTD for May 5th by Sandy Pullin Evans

IOTD for May 5th by Sandy Pullin Evans #WUVIP #IOTD #Inspiration

IOTD for May 5th by Sandy Pullin Evans

Stress is the number one cause of illness!

We as a society seem to be living longer lives these days, but we are dealing with a lot of illnesses and diseases.

How does stress cause us to be ill?

  • High-pressure jobs
  • worry about our children
  • caring for aging parents
  • negative energy from others
  • negative self-talk
  • trying to keep up
  • feeling overly stressed is a killer

Stress causes depression (anger turned inward towards oneself) or anger, which in turn can cause stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and a number of other illnesses. 

When you are stressed your body is in the fight or flight mode which over time can wear down your resistance to illness and disease. If you could ~peace out~ and relieve your stress and relax every day, wouldn\’t you want to know how?

The two main benefits of Reiki are stress reduction and relaxation. By reducing stress in your life and being able to relax, your body\’s own natural healing abilities are triggered which can prevent you from becoming ill and keep your system in balance.

When you have a Reiki session it puts your body into the parasympathetic mode, which is the one it uses for digestion and rest. Your body is amazing! By reducing the amount of stress that you feel, you are also allowing your body the opportunity to heal itself.

Reiki isn\’t a magic wand, but as an ongoing spiritual practice and it can help you relax in today\’s stressful world and keep you healthy and happy. If you haven\’t tried a Reiki session yet, try it and see what you think

– Sandy

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