Is Your Ego or Soul in Charge of Your Life?

Is Your Ego or Your Soul in Charge of Your Life By Suzie Daggett #WUVIP #SuzieDaggett #TheWellnessUniverse #BlogOfTheDay

You too can name your ego and soul personalities and become aware of who is in charge of both your inner and outer lives.

Several years ago, I needed help for my confused business life. I had just sold a business and was working on a new business model, but the economic realities were dismal. Hence, I was rootless and restless. I knew I had high intuitive skills, but my ego kept creating solid barriers to keep me stuck. I was going nowhere and back-pedaling at the same time. Finally, my life coach gave me hope and a lifeline. She suggested I give my soul and ego names and personalities then, watch the tapestry of the moment as the two interacted.

This was just what I needed! I immediately named my ego Posey and my soul Clare. They have been instrumental in guiding me out of a dead end box and into my life of purpose.

How did naming two different parts of me change my behavior?

Here’s how: I began to watch how my ego was busy directing my life, filling me with multiple ways to stay with past worry and doubt stories. Posey – my ego – was busy doing her best job – keeping me safe. She was very much in charge.

Clare – my soul – kept softly whispering her way into my awareness. I started paying deeper attention to her needs and took different actions. She helped me shift my thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

Here is what happened:

  • Instead of being reactive (striking out without thought – an old pattern), I slowed my behavior to become proactive.
  • Instead of being fearful (who would want to work with me?), I became open to creative adventures.
  • Instead of being impatient (a prominent trait), I took a conscious breath allowing patience to appear.
  • Instead of being pissy (my expert know it all manner), I moved with ease into a space of allowing.
  • Pessimism gave way to optimism as I realized my story of not being good enough was Posey’s way to protect me. Clare knew better.
  • My yellow-bellied character (Posey) gave way to a soulful (Clare) manner to address and solve delicate situations.

How do I distinguish between Clare and Posey?

Mostly it is easy – Posey is pushy and Clare is allowing. There is an energetic difference that creates openness rather than constriction. Clare is immediate and Posey is a lag behind. Clare is alert, Posey guarded. They both are truthful, but to different masters: Clare of the soul, Posey of the mind.

Changing my ingrained and sometimes unconscious attributes and beliefs is easier as I am alert to these two different sides of my personality. Being aware of the needs and wants of my guides, Clare and Posey has allowed me to soften, lighten up, be present, approachable loving and kind. Posey is fine with the changes yet she pops up often. Her loud strong presence is necessary so I can make the choices I need to be in charge of my life. I know what Posey wants, as I know what is needed for my soul growth from Clare.

Your turn:

You too can name your ego and soul personalities and become aware of who is in charge of both your inner and outer lives. Once you are aware, changes happen so you live with more ease. Both your ego and soul want you to be the best person you can be. And, with knowledge and conscious awareness, you will be. Life is a balance, a delicate aware balance between both your soul needs and your ego wants.