It Is Possible to Become Lighter Than Care

It Is Possible To Become Lighter Than Care By JoAnn Neurath #WUVIP #FaceFear #Fear #Fearless #Pain #LighterThanCare #Truth #Purpose #NaturalPurpose #Mistakes #Intention #Forgiveness #courage

“Letting go of the purpose that has passed its natural completion is living lighter than care.”

As clouds float effortlessly through the sky, they are lighter than care. Human beings want desperately to float through life as gently as a cloud. But you must learn what it means to become lighter than care.

Fear is the number one reason why we tend to suffer over our mistakes. In these moments, the real source of our pain, whether we are alone or with others is fear of being seen as less than we imagined. We think to have real peace, there must be an agreement between others. Real peace is attained by sacrificing the self that believes others are responsible for the conflict it experiences. Have you ever scrambled to save face, to scramble for scraps of lost dignity. Stop! Whenever we feel compelled to cover our tracks, something is in command of us. Is it not? A part of us wants us to believe that a good cover up is the same as being right. Each of us has an unoriginal self. A level of being that only knows the false belief that they must be protective at all costs.

Beating ourselves up after stumbling and making a blunder doesn’t mean we knew better than what we just did. That intention wasn’t there. Self punishment acts prove only one thing; something in us would rather suffer over what just happened in the past than be present to those parts of us that live in the lost places. Reliving the past is powerless to change a present misunderstanding. We also lose our peace when we mistakenly identify with some painful thought that would draw us into its petty life.

When you no longer agree to be identified in any way with what negative states tell you is true about you, you begin to release the ultimate victory over these troubling feelings. The more negative you get, the more things seem impossible, right?

Pain comes in when we turn a natural purpose into something personal and become identified with a role that we believe we have to keep alive. Everything has a natural cycle and runs its course. The strangest thing is that our pain convinces us that what we are doing is right. Letting go of the purpose that has passed its natural completion is living lighter than care.

Having this new knowledge is having the courage to drop that level of self that wants to punish.  This same realization grants us the courage to start life over and over again.


Original Source To Article Here, With Many Thanks To JoAnn Aparo Neurath

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