Join the Fear Fan Club

Join the Fear Fan Club by Diana Lovitt #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #FearFanClub
My stomach starts turning back flips.

My mind starts playing that old familiar track. It’s on a loop. Sometimes even get that bitter burst of adrenaline in my mouth and the racing heart. I get lost in the story. I drop right down into that dark chasm of chaos, defeat, and despair. Where nothing works out and there’s only one solution and it ends in horror.

What’s the cause of all this? Fear.

And why, exactly, am I in the Fear Fan Club?!? Am I crazy? 

Let me tell you why FEAR is one of our greatest teachers.

It’s a signal to me that I’m out of my comfort zone or out of balance.

Being able to know that I am in either one of these places is good information for me to consider and take inspired action on. If I’m out of my comfort zone, am I heading to where I want to go? Or am I going in the wrong direction? The signs of fear that are coming up are telling me to pay attention– I’m heading into unfamiliar territory. Good to know. But maybe it is a place I want to go to—I just never been there before. If fear is coming up because I’m out of balance, then I can realign myself with what is really true. Somehow I’ve gone off track. I’ve lost trust, love, and my inner knowing somewhere and I need to reconnect.

Fear is information from your Being that some sort of action needs to be taken. It might be to run away from that charging bear or to take direct steps to release you from the stranglehold that fear can have on you. Fear is a champion at keeping us stuck and stagnant.

We can choose how we respond to it. It’s information. Super valuable information that we can learn to recognize and work with. When we can break the bond it has on us we can take amazing strides in changing, growing and expanding ourselves. We can smash the barriers that have been keeping us playing small, repeating the same bad patterns, and start creating real change in our lives.

Next time that you are taking that big step, making that big life choice, or deciding to do something a new way and you start to feel that fear kick in–you can tell it, “Thanks for the information. I’ll take it into consideration.” Then let it go. Do what you need to do to get back into your center and in alignment. Consider all the potential steps and choices. Look within and trust the decision and the steps you are taking. Feel all the amazing courage you’re using. Feel the power.

Feel the ‘YES!’ — SHOUT IT!

And take a step in that new direction.

Working with fear unlocks a door to new levels of creating your life. Mastering the tools to work with it will let you take huge leaps in all you wish to bring into your luscious life.

Are you with me? Are you ready to join the FEAR fan club?

I’d love to hear how you’re using to it rock your life. Please leave a comment below.



{originally published in Sibyl Magazine- for the spirit and soul of a woman, October 2016 then republished here}