Journaling: 11 Prompts to Attract Love

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If you’re looking for a new love, or want to attract love in your current relationship, I want to share with you some powerful ways to use a journal to help you get there.

Journaling is a conversation between yourself and the Universe. When it comes to manifesting anything, it’s a great place to start. It not only gets your thoughts clear, but it’s a prayer of sorts. It sends out the call and gives you the perfect chance to clarify exactly what you want.

If you’re interested in attracting love, I urge you to pull out your journal and write. Let it out; use it to list your desires, use prompts to trigger creative and fruitful ideas. Read on to be inspired.

Your journal can be any kind of notebook you’re comfortable writing in. Some people love splurging on a special, pricey notebook; others may be reluctant to write “messy” in something so nice. Sometimes it’s easier to free-write in a plain notebook. If you feel that the pretty journal will hinder you from letting yourself go, then try something else. It’s personal. I write in a bullet journal and do my stream-of-consciousness writing in a composition notebook.

Stream of Consciousness

Stream-of-consciousness journaling is where you write down every single thought that comes into your mind without stopping. Through it all, you continue writing and ignore your internal editor. With stream-of-consciousness journaling, you don’t want to worry about punctuation, spelling, or grammar. You’re letting your soul out; exposing your truest desires and working through the entire picture by getting your mind out of the way. This exposes your heart and cleanses the dark clouds that keep you from attracting what you want.

Try writing from the perspective of already being in a happy relationship that’s perfect for you.

As you write, pour out your emotions. Your feelings attract and add power and potency to the spell you weave with your words.


I’m a huge list-maker and find that when I’m writing to manifest, a list helps me gather my thoughts. There are so many lists you can make. If you’re looking for love, you can list the qualities you desire in a lover. For your first list, write everything that comes to mind. Do this as you would with stream-of-consciousness writing; absolutely no editing. Allow some time to pass and then revisit your list. Remember that you must be careful of what you ask for. Ask and you shall receive. Go through your list and cross off those things that don’t feel right. Don’t overthink it.

Write it all down and after it’s all out, let it go. I always add: “this or something better for the highest good of all”.

You can either burn the paper, or tuck it away somewhere. I like burning because it lets go of your desires and allows something so perfect for you to come to you. You get your will out on paper and then clear it away for the best thing to come into your life.

Goals and Tasks

Goal-setting; what does it have to do with matters of the heart? It brings the big picture to mind and helps you take a higher view of your life. Act as your higher self and set a goal of how you want your life to be. How you want to feel; how you want to act and to be.

To reach your goals you must take action. Manifesting anything takes action; that’s part of the process.

For instance, if you want to get back into dating and meet potential partners, but your usual preference is to stay at home and isolate yourself, your action step could be to say “yes,” more and to get out of the house.

What is your Why?

What exactly do you want? Write it down. Why? Why do you want that? Write it down. Connecting with the ‘why‘ behind your desires gives you the fuel of passion needed to birth your desires into reality.

Do you want to have a partner who will be “all in” and commit to being in a relationship? Why?

Do you want a partner who shares your passion for fitness? For a certain kind of music? Why?

Do you want someone who will go dancing with you? Why?

It’s a journal exercise that helps you connect with your bottom line. It feeds the emotions and feelings that help bring your desires into existence.

11 Top Writing Prompts

Prompts are jumping-off points; they give you a place to start and encourage you to dig deep. Here is a list of prompts for connecting with love. To attract love from someone else you must first love yourself. I know that’s something you’ve likely heard before; it’s true. How can you be putting out “attraction vibes” if you don’t feel attractive? These prompts are designed to get you in touch with love in general. Pull out your journal and just get started.

  1. My ideal partner is…
  2. I feel loved when…
  3. Brainstorm ways I can put myself out there and ready to be with my ideal partner…
  4. I show love to my ideal partner by…
  5. My ideal partner shows me love by…
  6. I am lovable because…
  7. My biggest struggle in loving myself is…
  8. I am willing to release…
  9. I am willing to receive…
  10. I am…
  11. Love is…

If you haven’t tried journaling to attract love into your life, I urge you to try some of these techniques; they work. I would love to hear your experiences with them.

Please comment below and let me know if you journal, how you’ve worked with journaling to manifest and how these suggestions work for you.

– Kelly

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