Journey from Holiday Anxiety to Serenity and Peace

Journey from Holiday Anxiety to Serenity and Peace by Dr. Maryann Miller #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #HolidayAnxiety

A Journey from Holiday Anxiety and Fear to Serenity and Peace —

If you are that special type of person that always experiences holiday anxiety, you’re certainly not alone.

It’s important to first understand the journey from fear to serenity and peace. Serenity and peace are not identical. Peace must never be temporary and refers to the world of feeling in conditions susceptible to disturbance. It is essential to progress, and an inevitable happening, that every step forward is marked by disturbances (points of crisis and chaos), later replaced (when successfully handled) by periods of peace.

In modern anxiety, the last two decades have produced an enormous amount of research on the brain and brain technologies. Much of this new information dramatically changes how we view the brain, revealing mental and emotional capacities that, once we discover how to use them, can be lifelong assets with which to create positive qualities and dimensions in our lives.

Your brain interprets thoughts and feelings based upon, not only current thoughts and feelings, but also long-held emotions, beliefs, and habits held in your subconscious. Your brain is also influenced by external and internal stimuli, especially during stressful holidays. Your thoughts and emotions become wired in the brain and this circuitry elicits intellectual and emotional responses, from your subconscious, according to the beliefs you’ve programmed into it. Your beliefs empower and rule the way you view and live life.

How Do You Perceive the Person or Current Situation?

Are you in tune with what a person or situation wants you to know? Does your lower, ego-mind say things like, “This situation is not going to turn out good and I feel like just opting out.” These and other repetitive reactions can keep you trapped in the same or similar disabling thought patterns.

During this time of the year, self-examine your thoughts and emotions. When the holiday season and holiday gatherings present you with the same challenging situations or choices, do you wonder why you seem to repeat your same reactions over and over again, without different outcomes? Your conscious mind wants something different, yet you continue to repeat the same cycles again and again.

Sometimes, in an attempt to avoid these painful or challenging situations, we go into our default modes of behavior.

Some of these behaviors include:

  • Holiday Overeating.
  • Aggression.
  • Temper Outbursts.
  • Fight or Flight.
  • Passive Withdrawal into Silence.

At times like these, it’s important to discern what’s really causing you to feel the way you do. What thoughts run through your mind when you feel put on the spot, angry, ignored, rejected, put down, …?

Dr. Athena Staik says:

“It’s important to remember that “habitual thinking patterns that cause intense feelings of fear, anger, shame, or guilt are not only toxic but also addictive in nature.”

In other words, you are hooked on your reactions because they cause the release of hormonal secretions that make you feel better, so you continue to use these reactions to cope with threatening situations. Any thought that shuts down your reasoning-mind is coming from your limited ego-mind, not from your Inner Voice of Wisdom, Love, and Power.

When conflict during holiday time arises, life is expressing itself.

Listen to your Inner-Voice and truly examine the situation. What’s happening in the present moment? Is there a deeper truth that is signaling for your full awareness? At times like this, it’s important to be conscious of the moment and understand that the experience is there to support your internal growth; it’s there to help you remove old beliefs and patterns that hinder and no longer serve your best interests.

May these words help you with your own journey from holiday anxiety to serenity and peace this season!

– Maryann

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