Keeping Healthy and Positive Through Difficult Times

Keeping Healthy and Positive Through Difficult Times by Samantha Cervino #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #BeHappy

Easier said than done? Hear my why.

This morning I was inspired to share this blog with you as with everything that is happening right now humanity is feeling scared, uncertain, confused and threatened. It is essential that now more than ever, positive thinkers, healers, world changers, coaches, and mentors, etc. come together to inspire, motivate, teach and share with those in need of a positive message today. This is the why for this blog and I am grateful for the WU community for being there for each one of us and for keeping us strong and connected during this difficult time.

Believe me when I say that I hear you may be worried about your health and the health and wellbeing of your loved ones. I hear that you may be bored at home. I understand you are worried about what is going on in the world with humanity. I feel your stress and anxiety. I keep students in my thoughts and prayers. Those graduating this year and most likely missing out on their graduation ceremony and prom. Let’s think of them too and hope that they can be at peace with the current circumstance.

Tips and Strategies to Reduce Stress

  • Affirm that “All Is Well.” This is a positive affirmation for everyday use no matter what. Repeat this constantly until you believe it
  • A very powerful mantra you can focus on is “So Hum” which means “I am that. I am all, all is within me, all guides me and protects me.” As you inhale say So and as you exhale say Hum
  • Go to bed feeling good. Let go of upset before you get to bed
  • As you wake up in the morning be grateful for a new day
  • Set a good intention for your day, this can be done the night before prior to falling asleep
  • Do things that you enjoy doing at home, things that normally you don’t get to do during the week
  • Read a good book that interests you and motivates you or provokes you to think
  • Gardening. Now is the perfect time to start
  • Take walks or run outdoors now that the gyms are closed until further notice
  • Exercise outdoors such as ride a bicycle, skate, do yoga, etc.
  • Video chat with family and friends
  • Study
  • Practice your musical instruments or learn how to play one online

There is so much you can do now that you have the time. If you are working from home, then take frequent breaks for your sanity and breathe. Do not let your boss stress you out or the demands of a company stress you out, even more so at a time like this.

Focus on the Wanted

Put your focus and energy upon the things that you want. The outcome that you want. It takes the same amount of energy to think positively than it does to think negatively, so shift your focus to what you want. Think health instead of illness. Let your predominant thoughts be of a positive and loving nature. Be kind to yourself and others. Be mindful and take precautions when you do go out, ask people in your family and friends if they need anything that you can perhaps get for them while you are out getting necessities. This is how you show support and empathy in this challenging time.

Know that everything passes, and this shall too pass soon. Take this difficult time as an opportunity to connect, to grow and to learn acceptance for the things you cannot change, the things that are out of your control. Practice patience and relax in the knowledge that this shall pass. You are always running and worrying and you lose the moment of now. You have this chance right now to be present, understand that being present means to live. If you find yourself in good health, this is the time to be grateful for that. Never take your health for granted. Be a community server and giver to those that need your support. Give to a charity that provides support for families in need.

There is so much help you can give from the comfort of your home. One last note… Follow my FB business page for more motivational materials and videos, as well as, the links to my MeetUp groups online for personal development and EFT Tapping. If you care to join, I would love to have you. Or email me directly for the links at I hope this blog serves you well.

In gratitude,

– Samantha

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